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Virtual Dentistry to Extend the Touch of a Remote Dentist
Virtual Dentistry to Extend the Touch of a Remote Dentist
December 18, 2019
Tele-denstistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment
Tele-dentistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment
February 8, 2020

A Better Way To See a Dentist

A Better Way To See a Dentist

I know I have to see a dentist, I just don’t want to go to the dentist.  Does this make sense?  Certainly, there are others out there like me.  People with a fear of going to the dentist’s office and avoiding having to making any attempt to go is a way of life for many of us.  For this reason, the world of mobile dentistry has finally been invented.  I for one am very thankful for this advancement in modern dentistry.

Imagine, a mobile dentist showing up to your house to take care of your dental needs.  Imagine no more because this is now a reality.   Mobile dentists in the greater Los Angeles area are now making house calls.  They are making it a standard practice of going to the patient, taking care of them at their place of business and/or residence, therefore bypassing the need for an office altogether.

Fortunately, for patients like me, I no longer have to go through the anxiety I would get with just the thought of going to see a dentist.  Now with mobile dentistry, I am free and clear from the discomfort of that whole ordeal.

Now, other dental patients like me will not go another year without the basic dental checkups and thorough oral examinations they need in order to keep their teeth.  A mobile dentist takes care of all of that.  The Dentulu app gives you the power to overcome the stress and fear of pain and allows you to receive the dental care you are in desperate need of.  Download the Dentulu app and free yourself.  As a person with a fear of dental offices, I can attest to the level of relief I have been given.  I feel as though I am now in control and can dictate when and where the mobile dentist comes to see me.  I determine what I want and when I want mobile dentistry to come to take care of it.  It may seem trivial to some and perhaps others never even considered the possibility someone might have an issue going to see a dentist.  It is a documented reality, but fear no more.  You are officially alleviated from all the pressure you once experienced when planning such basic preventative dental procedures, such as teeth cleaning or even a teeth whitening session.

In closing, by downloading the app and scheduling a mobile dentist to come to you in order to fulfill your dental needs, you assure yourself peace and satisfaction.  Your teeth can live to see another year.  Your family, friends and loved ones will notice the difference in you.