Dental Ambulance for Emergency Oral Healthcare Delivery Your SEO optimized title

Dental Ambulance for Emergency Oral Healthcare Delivery

Dental Ambulance for Emergency Oral Healthcare Delivery

Emergency response is a significant and essential aspect of oral healthcare service. With our vast networks of roadways, the number of traumatic car accidents across California is staggering. In case of traumatic dental injury, the timely availability of a dentist can reduce overwhelming pain and even has the potential to save lives. Therefore, Dentulu has come up with a noble concept known as the dental ambulance. An operational ambulance with a certified dentist on board could make all the difference towards saving a patient’s life.

Should you ever need the service of a dental ambulance, you will find that it is equipped with all the essential tools such as a reclining dental chair, compressor, suction motor, autoclave, oxygen cylinder, and oxygen pulse oximeter. All of this fits within the air-conditioned, sound proof cabin that is well-illuminated for maximum comfort and operability. A dental ambulance has the power to bring dental care to areas where a dental clinic is not as accessible. Dentulu ensures every concerned patient gets satisfactory first aid and treatment and is promptly transported to an urgent care clinic.

Dentulu already has many dental ambulances deployed in and around Los Angeles, able to respond to an emergency call at a moment’s notice. All of their dentists are ADA- certified and have plenty of experience providing high quality dental care. All of this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at virtually no cost to the patient, and can be summoned at just the press of a button on the Dentulu dental app. The app is perfect for dental emergencies of all kinds, as well as standard scheduled appointments. With the Dentulu app ready on their smartphone, anyone can keep track of their oral health and have a dentist on their way at a moment’s notice.

The ambulance transportation is coordinated through the dental app as well as call response center.