Dentulu’s Virtual Widget

Asynchronous virtual consultations made easy
for your patients and your practice.

How It Works

Dentulu widget comes with a prefilled content which makes it easier for you to set up and start using it. You can also customize the questions and responses you would like to get from your patients through our widget. Simply copy pasting the code on to your website lets you start using the widget right away.

Choose your Rx Subscription

Go to widget section and click
import button to get started.

You can either continue with prefilled
questions and responses from Dentulu or create
new ones as you like it.

Copy or send your widget code to
your web developer or check Dentulu’s installation
help to set up the widget on your website.

Patients can start reaching out to you through
your widget. You get notified through sms or email
whenever a patient is placing a request for appointment or a
follow up consultation

Dentulu Virtual Consultation Widget

Our virtual consultation widget provides easy access for your
patients and improves your patient experience.

Widget code for async virtual appointment
Widget Code for Video Consultations
Customize questions and responses
Add additional questions and responses

Send your widget code to your
web developer or install it yourself.

We provide a simple and auto generated, secure
widget code helping you go live in few minutes.

Getting your patient information or requests!

Receive information you want before
your patients initial visit!

Customized questions allows your patient to fill
the responses you would like to have from them even
before their visit

Patient Personal Information

Patient fills in their personal information
thereby easily allowing you or your office to identify your patient,
exportable easily to your practice management software.

Improving patient experience

You can ask your patient their priorities and how
soon they would like to get started with the treatment,
making it easier for you and your patients

Submitting photos

Patients can submit photos through the widget
in different variations you may like to have
them submit for an assessment.

Get notified on submission

We notify the providers or the office through SMS
or email whenever a patient is submitting their information
through our secure widget, which directly goes into your
photo consultation appointments.

What your patients see!

Patient data saved securely

Security has been top most priority for Dentulu!
Completely HIPAA Compliant and stored on one of the highly
tursted partner servers like Amazon Web Services,
Dentulu is very serious about the patient data and storing them.

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