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Dental Anxiety Care

Fear of dentistry, or dental anxiety is an extremely a common reaction when a person has to see a dentist for any dental procedures or services. The sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office can often exacerbate these fears leading to millions who avoid the dentist as a result.

Similarly, progressing further along from anxiety, a patient can end up having a strong dental phobia that has been increasing due to persistentanxiety in relation to either clearly discernible situations or objects like seeing a needle or hearing the sound of drilling to even just the scent of a dental office.  In fact, sometimes it’s just seeing the dental chair that can trigger terrible dental phobia.  In some cases, it’s even the dentist herself.

The true dental term for dental fear is called Odontophobia (dental fear).  For some patients, dental fear is so extreme that they can’t function in a normal way.   This usually has the patient completely avoid going to see a dentist, which increases the chance of their dental issues worsening, thus causing even more fear of going to the dentist.  It’s a spiral down path that leads to people avoiding dentists all together and ending up with some very large dental issues that could have been prevented


Embarrassment and loss of personal space is also a big issue with many patients with dental phobias. Many people feel uncomfortable about being judged by other patients and people at the dental office. Often a patient may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth or possible mouth odors around other people.

The Dentulu team, in most cases, addresses dental fears directly with patient as the first step in accommodating and understanding their circumstance.  Observing and asking the patient directly if they have any anxiety about their procedure is an important aspect of our dental service.  Having the patient be in the comfort of their own home or office creates a conducive environment which allows the patient to feel much more comfortable for their dental experience.

Dentulu dentists and our software platform allow for various stress relieving technologies to be used to reduce fear and anxiety. By combining visual, auditory, and aromatherapy we are often able to minimize or eliminate anxiety in a more comfortable environment allowing many patients to seek the treatment they need.