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Tele-denstistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment
Tele-dentistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment
February 8, 2020
Dental App for Effective Virtual Consultation
Dental App for Effective Virtual Consultation
February 12, 2020

Dentulu App for Dental House Call

Dentulu App for Dental House Call

The app developed by the Dentulu team helps provide treatment during a dental emergency. Like 911 for a medical emergency, the Dentulu app works on the same principle in that a patient can reach out to a virtual dentist at any time of the day or night. The app-based technology has brought a large change when it comes to dental health care. The Dentulu team, in collaboration with technocrats, has developed this revolutionary app for the community, individual patients, and businesses to serve them whenever they seek a dental appointment. Otherwise, they can make an appointment for a dental house call where the dentist can visit the patient’s home for managing and caring dental issues.

 The Dentulu app digitally connects patients and dentists so that they can interact and share healthcare information, including tracking the progress of treatment. The app also records all the information shared, interactions, and session meetings in detail. Therefore, this information can easily be retrieved to be used in the future. The app has very simple and easy-to-understand features that enable patients to connect with a dentist without any hassles. Patients simply need to tap the screen of their smartphone to find a dentist on call. Simply log on to the dental app and run a search for dentists near your neighborhood. Patients can even check for the dental clinics nearby and compare prices through virtual dentistry

While the Dentulu app is absolutely free to download for patients, dental health care providers like dentists, dental clinics, and specialist centers are able to register for a reasonable premium. However, it triggers a great return on investment. Dentulu has witnessed thousands of downloads and our website has been getting hundreds of visits on a daily basis. You can run the app on either iOS or Android supported mobile devices. For a dentist, this app has a lot to offer. Once the dentist gets registered with the app, they can manage dental appointments virtually from either the clinic or the comfort of their living space. Further, the dentist can provide patients with prescriptions online and recommend certain tests as they are needed.

The Dentulu dental app allows patients to get connected with dentists and the consultation is just a click away. Here is an example of how a patient can benefit from using this app. One day, a patient from south Los Angeles woke up with severe tooth pain. His usual dentists was busy with other patients due to their schedule. The patient had the only option of getting an appointment in-person in the afternoon. He could have visited a different dental clinic but that was a time-consuming process and he also had to consider the transportation costs. Therefore, to get relief from his dental pain, he got in touch with a virtual dentist and followed the advice and prescription as suggested by the virtual dentist. To his surprise, he got immediate relief. Emergency dental cases occur at inconvenient times, so a patient cannot know when they need a dentist in the future. Therefore, download the app and register to meet an emergency dentist in the nick of time.