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Teledentistry on demand

As increased use of technology facilitates access to general health care, the dynamics of dental care and treatment have changed dramatically. People can now access oral health care professionals through teledentistry, which incorporates a combination of telecommunication, digital imaging, and video chat. Dentulu is an app-based dental care service, where both patients and dentists can reach out to each other. Remote patients and those with a need for emergency dental care will have access to dentists located throughout the United States . Through the advancement of technology, it is an inexpensive approach to obtain and provide treatments for both patients and dentists.

Through the Dentulu app, patients have the ability to share information with a dentist or their choice for a consultation or even just a second opinion. Patients can use our HIPAA compliant and secure platform to communicate with dentists using our mobile app. The transmission of patient information over a non-compliant electronic platform would be a direct violation of HIPAA regulations, but with Dentulu, patients can rest assured knowing that all their information will secure and confidential.

In the event of a patient looking for an emergency dentist, Dentulu helps the patient connect with the nearest dentist within 5 minutes. This feature will soon be available 24/7. Dentists, in turn, have the ability to prescribe, medicate, and see the progress of their patients through various virtual dental visits. Our teledentistry app puts the power in the hands of the users to get the help they need, when they need it.

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Mobile Dentistry

Teledentistry on demand

Today, getting anything at your doorstep is as easy as the click of a button—and now dental care is no different. Dentulu offers mobile dentistry, creating the opportunity for patients to book dental appointments through our Mobile Dental App. Once a patient registers with the mobile app and reserves a date and time, a mobile dentist will visit their choice of location as scheduled. Our mobile dentist services include a variety of preventative treatments such as whitening, regular cleanings, full mouth x-rays, complete oral exams, deep cleanings, cancer screenings, and other procedures. This is offered for both child and adult patients.

Our mobile dental office is simplified within two small bags equipped with all the necessary tools of a dental office, enabling dentists to provide on-site treatment. We make visits to homes, retirement homes, businesses, and other various locations. Patients with limited mobility are welcoming this new service as a commendable initiative, as they are able to receive treatment in a convenient, practical manner that may suit their lifestyles. Our mobile dental services are also offered as a concierge service for celebrities and high net worth individuals. Our dental team consists of licensed dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants who arrive at the patient’s location, set up in just a few minutes, and professionally perform the service

The user experience is automated through our mobile app and processed via HIPAA compliant patient records management software.

Connect to a Dentist in 5 Minutes

Teledentistry on demand

Sign up or log in

Using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Choose a dentist

Review their profile and qualifications to select a dentist that fits your needs.

Feel better faster

Get advice, treatment options and a prescription if needed.

How it works

Dentulu is the world’s first Dental Mobile App serving both patients and dental professionals. Dentulu provides a variety of services including mobile and concierge dentistry as well as virtual dental care on demand. Explore how the revolutionary Dentulu app is changing the future of dentistry.

Teledentistry on demand

How it works- For Patients

Patients can take advantage of Dentulu’s virtual dental software and connect with a licensed dentist within five minutes from anywhere in the world. Patients may  also schedule a mobile/concierge dentist or hygienist to visit almost any location, conserving both time and expenses while experiencing a whole new approach to dentistry.

Either download the Dentulu app on our website to create your free account.

Schedule a virtual consultation or concierge dentist within minutes.

Fill out your patient intake form, then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

Teledentistry on demand

How it works- For Dental Clinicians (Dentulu Providers HDA)

Dentists, Dental Specialists, and even Medical Professionals can now utilize Dentulu’s encrypted and HIPAA compliant network to communicate with each other , send and receive patients to one another, and use virtual consultations to acquire new patients. Mobile dentists can also incorporate the Dentulu platform into their mobile dental companies.

Licensed dental professionals, including dental hygienists, can either download the Dentulu HDA app on their mobile phone or visit our website to create a profile.

Create a detailed profile, then enter your license and other necessary information
to get your account verified and

Begin using Dentulu’s award-winning software today to connect with existing and new patients alike.

Teledentistry on demand

How it works- For Companies

Corporations and other businesses can count on Dentulu’s concierge dentists in order to provide the best on-site dental wellness program, bringing preventative and hygiene care for their employees using their existing PPO dental insurance. Employees and executives no longer have to waste valuable time driving to and from the dental office for basic procedures.

Schedule a 10 minute call with our friendly dental wellness experts to explore how Dentulu’s on-site dental wellness program can benefit your company today!

Download the Dentulu workplace app or schedule an on-site dental wellness day directly on our website.

A Dentulu representative will help you notify your employees of the date of service and will coordinate with you to make your on-site visit a fun, relaxing, and one-of-a-kind experience.

Our Mobile App


The Dentulu mobile dentist app enables any patient to book dental services at a time and location of their choosing


Through our teledentistry capabilities, you can easily set up a video conference with a Dentist on Demand from the comfort of your own home


Emergency patients can schedule with our Contracted Dentists 24/7 for next day emergency care


The Dentulu app allows functional booking and tracking of all aspects of your dental treatments


Dentulu utilizes various advanced technologies to reduce or eliminate dental anxiety


The Dentulu emergency dentist app allows the user to track the Dental Team’s location, as well as communicate with them via video and text message


For Patients


For Clinicians

For Companies



Our proprietary teledentistry service is integrated into our Dentulu app. This personalized concierge service gives our patients the peace of mind of knowing that they can reach one of our dentists for any urgent dental issues they may be having. In addition, it allows the patient to get direct, personal consultations with a dentist for any and all aspects of their treatment. A trusted dentist is only a click or two away! Relax, you’re home and we are here to assist!

24/7 Emergency Dentist

Our 24/7 emergency dentists can be accessed through our Dentulu app and will give you direct access to a trusted and licensed dental expert within minutes. There is no need to sit in an emergency room for hours to get some relief as our dentists are standing by to listen to you and give you the advice you need. You will immediately be scheduled for next day service at one of our nearby locations for any dental emergency service you may require or can book an appointment with a dentist in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Dentist

By using Dentulu’s proprietary software, a professional and trusted team of dental experts can be scheduled with an easy to use app available on your mobile phone. You can schedule our team to come to your home, office or remote location and provide you with dental procedures without the need to sit in traffic and wait in a crowded waiting room. You can also schedule cleanings and other services for a loved one in a retirement home, hospital, or hospice. With location and geo-tracking capabilities, you will be able to monitor and track the entire process as the Dentulu team head to your chosen location.


To serve and empower both dental professionals and patients across the world with proprietary software. Our goals are deeply rooted in increasing access to preventative and emergency care for millions of patients through the use of Mobile Dentistry and Teledentistry. Convenience is just one benefit of Dentulu as the use of anxiolytic technologies aim to reduce fear and anxiety for thousands of patients who are afraid of the sights, smells and sounds of a traditional dental office. The Teledentists are here and the future of dental care is just a click away. Smile,. You’re home!


IntraOral Camera

Our intraoral cameras are made as an educational tool for consumers to get a “dentist’s view” and familiarize themselves with the different parts of their mouth. Intraoral cameras are a fun and informative way to look at your teeth, gums, and other oral structures and to educate yourself on your own oral health. These cameras are not a replacement of your dental professional nor are they medical tools used for diagnosis.

Dental cameras are wifi-enabled and can be charged with a simple USB wire. Dentulu’s  Teledentistry platform is open source and does not depend on these cameras only. We provide free tools for consumers to connect almost any camera of their choice for educational purposes, while allowing dental professionals the opportunity to use FDA-approved cameras in their offices as well.