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24/7 Emergency Dentists

Licensed Emergency Dentists nearby are a click away when you need them most 24/7/365 available to you on demand.

Shop Dental Products

Browse and shop the best dental products from around the world at the lowest prices.

Patient Resource Center

Watch and learn from professionally-produced patient education videos made by dentists in both English and Spanish.

Mobile & Onsite Dentistry

Find mobile dental providers to come to your location of choice providing dental care onsite.

Emergency Prescriptions

Antibiotics & Pain medications can be sent to your pharmacy electronically within minutes. Get the help you need when you need it.

Dental Second Opinions

Get second opinions from board certified dentists and dental specialists from the comfort of your home.

As we navigate through our everyday lives as a result of Covid-19, Dentulu’s commitment to provide the best Teledentistry platform in the world is more important to us than ever. Our guarantee to provide high quality dental care and reliable patient-doctor communication reinforces our mission to increase access to care for patients around the world while providing clinicians with ongoing technology solutions at an affordable price.

Our board certified licensed dentists are here to address your dental care needs and provide guidance as you stay safe in the comfort of your own home, avoiding exposure and the potential spread of the virus. Despite the disruption, stress, and anxiety you may be experiencing, know that we are here for you and will remain as your trusted source for all of your dental needs.

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Arash Dentulu

Dr. Arash Hakhamian DDS

CEO Dentulu

Why is Dentulu the best dental
Software for dentists?

Dentulu is an all-in-one dental ecosystem that combines some of the dental industry's most innovative solutions helping both dentists and the patients they service. Dentulu incorporates the leading Teledentistry and office management solutions to dental practices that help improve patient engagement and communication beyond what a normal dental practice management software could. Dentulu' Marketplace brings together various products and services under one platform making it easier for dental practices to gain new patients, retain existing patients and improve the overall patient experience.

Direct Connect

HIPAA Compliant Virtual Dental Visits Powered by Dentulu - Effective, Easy-to-use, Super affordable.

Rx - Dentiscripts

Streamline your Rx workflow. Write e-prescriptions in seconds anytime, anywhere.

Covid Forms

Securely send and receive screening forms through our platform. Patients are conveniently notified via text or email.

Teledentistry Website

Dentulu's Teledentistry Website builder allows dental providers and offices to fully customize their own teledentistry website with a unique assigned domain address within minutes and free!

Digital Forms

Dentulu digital forms allows you to reduce the time of your patient visit by allowing them to complete the forms before they visit your office. You can also create, save or edit the forms as per your office needs.


Dentulu’s MouthCam cameras are a great tool for patient education and can be purchased to allow a dentist's point of view directly on your mobile phone or on your computer.

Custom Widget

Dentulu provides a simple to use asynchronous (photo consults) tool, for providing follow up consults with your patients.

Patient App

Dentulu provides simple to use mobile app just for your office which enhances the patient experience. They can book appointments, complete forms, chat or SMS your office, get reminders and more, even before they visit your office saving a ton of your time.

Provider App

Convenience of having access to your patient data or appointments on the go. Ensuring you can communicate with your office or patient through chat, take video or private calls with your patient anywhere anytime you would like to.

Patient Care

Dental patient care

Emergency dentists nearby waiting to answer questions, prescribe necessary medications, and provide second opinions virtually!

  • Consult with a board certified dentist near you
  • Receive recommended medications sent to your pharmacy
  • Avoid costly and lengthy emergency room visits
  • Schedule in office visits with a dentist nearby
  • Finance your dental work with convenient payment plans
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  • Awarded Best Of Class Technology By Cellerant & The American Dental Association
  • White labeled and customizable solutions for single offices and DSO’s
  • E-Prescriptions and EMR integrations available
  • Available on all smartphones, tablets, and computers
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Best teledentistry app

Use Cases

secure messaging with dentist

Secure Dental Messaging Made Simple

Dentists and their patients can chat in real time safely and securely with ease. Sending pictures and videos back and forth made simple without ever sharing personal cell phone numbers.

HIPPA compliant text messaging with patients is now possible from your website chat box, WhatsApp, or even from the desktop in your dental office.

secure messaging with dentist

Live, Secure, And Reliable Hippa Compliant Video Calls

Safe and secure HIPAA compliant virtual calls between dentists and patients using a cell phone, tablet, or even a webcam. The best synchronous teledentistry videos recorded on the cloud and geo-tagged for insurance billing.

Multi-person “Clinical Collaboration” video meetings between dentists, specialists, and even family members with easy file sharing capabilities.

secure messaging with dentist

Store and Forward (Async)

Store and forward involves collecting patients health information and uploading it to a secure cloud environment, basically HIPAA compliant. Which is then made available for review by the dental professionals to provide a consultation. This could be a new consultation, a post-op checkup, patient monitoring, cosmetic consultation or a general consultation.

Store and forward makes it simpler to get a consultation from anywhere you are. This also helps dental professionals to provide tentative treatment plans and increase the case acceptance with their patients. Store and forward is a breakthrough in teledentistry. The approved CDT codes for Teledentistry are D9995 Real-time Synchronous & D9996 Asynchronous, or ‘store and forward’.

secure messaging with dentist

Second Opinions

Most of the dental procedures are irreversible today and may need a greater understanding of what Dental professionals tell their patients. It takes time and precise information to make informed decisions by the patients. Providing a second opinion helps the patient to better understand if the procedure or the treatment plan suggested is worth the time and investment.

Dentulu has made it simple for its providers as well as patients to reach out to several dentists for a second opinion, thereby making sure their time and money invested are worth it. Second opinions can be provided by any dentist on our platform for a small fee ($99).

secure messaging with dentist

Concierge & Mobile Dentistry

Dentulu is the world’s first Mobile Dentistry App to help support patients by connecting them with mobile dentists and mobile hygienists whenever, wherever.

Mobile Dentistry can be added to any existing dental office to both increase revenue and patient base by using matching services provided by Dentulu.

Corporate Dental Wellness programs also match local dental offices to corporations looking for onsite dental services by using their PPO Dental Insurance.


Best teledentistry app

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