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Dr. Arash Hakhamian DDS, Co-founder and CEO of Dentulu, comes from a long line of dental and medical professionals. He graduated with College Honors, Departmental Honors, and Latin honors from UCLA and was accepted and went onto graduating from the prestigious USC School of Dentistry with honors with an emphasis on providing care to medically compromised patients. Dr. Hakhamian is a co-founder and board member of the Global Dental Implant Academy, Global Implantology Summit, International Extraction Academy and lectures both Nationally and Internationally on dental surgery, office/business management and marketing. He was recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 dentists in the USA in 2018 by Incisal Edge Magazine and as one of the Top General Dentists in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine in 2018. Dr. Hakhamian has a passion for international Volunteer work and has traveled to Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Belize, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Vietnam, Jordon, Colombia and many other impoverished nations providing 100% free dental surgeries/services using mobile dental equipment designed to service underserved populations in remote locations. Dr. Hakhamian is also the founder and organizer for Global Health Summit which takes pre-medical students to 3rd world countries to assist in medical missions. Dr. Hakhamian has been interviewed by Howard Farren from Dental Town for his accomplishments in dentistry and has been invited as a guest lecturer in schools and Universities such as UCLA for the student population. Dr. Hakhamian is an official dentist for the Special Olympics as well as the NFL Alumni Association and also provides mobile dental services to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills including the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and numerous A-list celebrities. In addition to his passion in lecturing to other dentists, Dr. Hakhamian’s dream and passion is to provide increased access to preventative and emergency dental work to millions around the world who cannot travel to dental offices due to old age, handicaps, or limited time. Dr. Hakhamian’s hobbies include learning new languages and salsa dancing and his bucket list is to visit all the modern wonders around the world.


Mary Gonzales has worked in the dental field in various capacities for over 33 years, with a focus on management, Human Resources, OSHA, Infection control, dental safety protocols and Employment Law. Also included is an extensive working knowledge of all positions within dentistry, including front office assistant, office manager, regional manager, marketing director, dental consultant, and product development.

Mary has served as the office manager for some of the most reputable and well known dentists in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. In addition to writing and revamping corporate manuals and protocols, she has managed both general dental offices as well as specialty offices including orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry.

Mary continues to serve as a private consultant for multiple dentists, assisting with ever changing needs including dental office sales and acquisitions. She consults dentists who are either selling or purchasing, which often times requires in-depth audits and assessments of the functionality and operations of dental practices.


ShivaKumar Chandrasekaran, Co-Founder and CTO of Dentulu, was born in Chennai India, a city well known for producing some of the world’s most talented and established technology professionals. Mr. Kumar completed his Bachelor’s degree from prestigious Loyola College Chennai with top honors. In addition to successfully receiving a bachelor’s degree in the field of Physics, Mr. Kumar completed his Masters in Business Development and Marketing. Coupled with his incredible academic accomplishments, Shiva was an avid and accomplished Cricket player and was set for a professional career in athletics until a career ending injury derailed his athletic dreams. With his professional athletic goals derailed, Shiva implemented his vast knowledge in and passion into business development and advanced marketing. With the help and guidance from a long line of successful businessmen and Entrepreneurs in his family, Shiva began his professional career focused on strategic business solutions in the technology sector. With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, Mr. Kumar has started up a number of successful companies providing technology solutions through strategic partnerships with western businesses and Entrepreneurs. Mr. Kumar currently possesses a strong and proven knowledge of some of the world’s leading programming languages by Microsoft and other Open source technologies and oversees an entire team of software developers and programmers. In addition to his background in coding and software development, Mr. Kumar has extensive experience in server side security, cyber security, and has served as a consultant to other companies on the management of private and sensitive data storage. At the forefront of technological and industry trends, Mr. Kumar has recently shifted his focus on creating and implementing industry changing solutions relating to mobile app development serving various mobile service verticals. Included in his repertoire of software development, Mr. Kumar has overseen and managed numerous mobile applications on both IOS and Andriod Platforms internationally. These applications include projects in a multitude of divergent fields including contracts from Health Care Industry, Real Estate, Logistics, Retail, and Government based firms. Mr. Kumar also has vast experience in developing Enterprise software solutions for some of the leading businesses in Middle Eastern Countries, namely Omega Software Inc. These enterprise solutions have enabled these organizations into digitizing their operations with cloud based, multi layered security designed to handle HR, Business Management, Operations, Logistics, automation, and extensive data reporting and delivery. His extensive expertise in ERP programming and contributions enabled these companies to save millions of dollars in operational costs while increasing efficiency. Mr. Kumar is a member of a number of tech communities in and around Chennai such as the Young Indian Entrepreneurs, NASCOM and the Software Industries Development Association. In addition, Shiva is involved in supporting many charity organizations in India for noble causes. Shiva is married to his beautiful wife Deepika and has two young sons and maintains an active passion in cricket.



Dr. Molayem is a widely recognized and respected doctor of dental surgery focusing his time and energy in providing life-changing dentistry to his patients and teaching dentists advanced clinical procedures. He has successfully placed over 4,000 dental implants in his career.

He comes from a long family line of doctors and dentists and as such sees the mouth and oral health as one integral piece of a connected system affecting and working with other parts of the body.

Dr. Molayem’s expertise is in Full Mouth Reconstruction, particularly in complex cases where patients have not been to the dentist for several years and may need extensive work such as several extractions, bone grafts, and dental implants to create a new smile and restore function.


Dr. Molayem is the proud founder of both the UCLA and USC Journals of Dental Research—The Explorer. They are now in their 12th and 10th years of publication, respectively. He has conducted and published research in the field of dental implants.


Dr. Molayem is seen as a leader in dental education. One of his main passions outside the clinic is teaching. He was a course instructor and lecturer having trained several dentists how to place dental implants. He is also co-founder of Synergy Specialists, the largest network of dental specialists in the country. In this role, he is in charge of clinical mentorship and training of newer graduating periodontists and surgeons through webinars and training videos.

He has over 35,000 followers on his professional Instagram account where he posts his cases with detailed explanations and teaches them to the international dental community.


Dr. Sherwin Matian was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where his family resides. From a very young age, Dr. Matian has exhibited a great passion for health care and business. In high school, he was chosen to participate in the prestigious Academy of Business Leadership where he gained tremendous insight into business and leadership applications

Dr. Matian’s passion for community service and outreach was highlighted by his active involvement with The San Bernardino Valley Woodworkers toy drive, which is an annual club event that produces over 1,000 handmade wooden Christmas gifts for local hospital children. Dr. Matian has been awarded both a UCLA Regent Scholarship and UCLA Alumni scholarship which highlights his keen ability to reach across various avenues of both academy and community outreach.

Dr. Matian attended The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, where he played an active role in research and community outreach. He was part of the Albert Schweitzer fellowship program where he was in charge managing a team of writers, directors and actors in the production of several patient education videos geared towards the oral health of newborns and pregnant mothers. His project attracted support and grants from ORHP, HRSA, and DHHS to help address some of the most persistent dental issues in the Southern Pennsylvania area.

His passion to support underserved patients pushed him to receive advanced certification and accreditation from The University of Pittsburgh Medical Hospital in Gerontology. With his background in serving elderly and geriatic patients, Dr. Matian gained tremendous experience and insight in working closely with the UPMC Gerontology department, helping shape and improve protocols on how to better provide dental care for this very underserved community.

Dr. Matian sought and completed additional schooling after receiving his dental degree by completing an Advanced Education General Dentistry at University of New Mexico hospital. During the program he was able to work in various underserved remote communities and federally qualified health centers. He received additional training in providing preventative, surgical, and restorative care to this subset of the population. After receiving his advanced training in general dentistry, Dr. Matian returned to California and continues his passion for improving dental care and access to the community through both local and international volunteer and advocacy groups. Dr. Matian has routinely traveled with international NGOs and volunteer groups on medical and dental missions aimed at providing free healthcare to very poor and rural areas. His greatest passion is traveling to Guatemala where he works with Faith In Practice in providing dental care to patients with severe pain living in remote areas. Dr. Matian is also a prominent and well established dentist in the West Hollywood area where he has his own private office providing high end dentistry to his community. His hobbies include traveling, carpentry, and community outreach.

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