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Virtual Care: A Necessity During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic
Virtual Care: A Necessity During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic
June 27, 2020
Telemedicine Services are Here to Stay
Telemedicine Services are Here to Stay
June 30, 2020

Getting Care During a Pandemic through Teledentistry

Getting Care During a Pandemic through Teledentistry

The entire world is facing a deep health crisis. The infection curve in the United States has been growing upwards ever since the arrival of coronavirus. The way to overcome this crisis is with the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, but it is not yet available. Because of this pandemic, people are affected in many ways, especially regarding other health ailments. This is because medical professionals are less available due to the current situation. Moreover, visiting a hospital, clinic, or emergency room is risky, as the risk of transmission goes up in these areas. Taking into account all of these issues, Dentulu has adopted a strategy facilitating health care services through teledentistry. This communication technology has the potential to fill the gap that was created due to the deficit of medical professionals.

Dentulu’s dental app platform is based on teledentistry. In the current healthcare crisis, Dentulu urges those who need dental care to use this app because the app enables patients and dentists to communicate remotely. The Dentulu app is HIPAA compliant and it is a secure way to get remote dental care. That’s why people are now widely using teledentistry. Treatment is being provided after the assessment made on the basis of information sent by patients. The Dentulu app is growing in popularity and the amount of downloads has reached millions. More and more people are using this app every day.

Teledentistry is not confined to providing treatment for dental issues. People can also communicate with medical professionals to ask questions related to the ongoing pandemic. This information could range from precautions to available treatment or questions about symptoms, etc. Every day, our dental professionals are communicating with patients through teledentistry. Patients have different oral health issues and they are attended to promptly. Dentists can also communicate with patients’ relatives and loved ones under the patients’ Dentulu account. Anyone can use teledentistry and take advantage of the health care benefits related to it.

Telecounseling is used through teledentistry technology, in which dentists empathetically answer all of their patients’ questions. The advantages of teledentistry are numerous. Teledentistry ensures the following:

  • Sound network connectivity
  • Clear feedback from patients
  • Multiple extended sessions
  • Managing health from the comfort of home during the ongoing pandemic
  • Continued follow-up sessions until patients recover from their issue

The advantage of using the Dentulu dental app is that its platform has the backing of the ADA. Therefore, it speaks volumes about the credibility of seeking treatment through teledentistry. People have so many fears in their minds due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help meet their needs and answer their questions, our dental professionals are available 24/7. Addressing health concerns through teledentistry has been the best alternative in the current situation. It is also the right time for dentists to use teledentistry to reach out to the maximum number of patients for more practice.