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Bridging the Connection Between Dentists and Patients in a Virtual Environment
Bridging the Connection Between Dentists and Patients in a Virtual Environment
June 18, 2020
The Potential of Teledentistry in Dentulu
The Potential of Teledentistry in Dentulu
June 22, 2020

The Perspective of Telemedicine in Oral Care

The Perspective of Telemedicine in Oral Care

Telemedicine has been growing rapidly with the advance in technology. It ensures accessibility and affordability. Telemedicine is a perfect tool to manage patients from remote locations. That’s why it is widely accepted as a means of providing convenient oral care. For patients that are unwilling to spend time and money on travelling to a dental clinic, they can use telemedicine as an alternative means of getting dental care. In certain emergency situations, this tool cannot replace the traditional brick and mortar clinic but it will guide you in alleviating your pain. Subsequently, you will be guided so that you can go directly visit a clinic nearby.  

There is one significant factor that leads to the popularity of telemedicine. The factor is the exponential growth of smartphone use by the people. Moreover, the presence of dental care applications in the Dentulu app help patients in being monitored by a dentist. Actually, Dentulu enables people and dentists to initiate a proactive approach in the realm of oral care services. Through its built-in technology of teledentistry, Dentulu ensures:

  • Patient are confident in getting treatment through the Dentulu app
  • Maintenance of standard care treatment, even from a remote location
  • Professional dental care services
  • Getting access to a wide network of dentists

Due to the above, it can be concluded that telemedicine has made a positive impact on patients’ lives as well as on dentists’ practice.

Telemedicine, which is used through the Dentulu dental app, is not a new phenomenon. In fact, telemedicine has been endorsed by the World Health Organization. This technology is used as it enables patients and medical professionals to exchange valid information in order to get or provide treatment, respectively. Telemedicine also assists in allowing virtual consultations for patients with the dentists. Even dentists can use this tool to get a second opinion from a specialist. Telemedicine also allows chat sessions between dentists and patients.

Dentulu’s platform allows for telemedicine and virtual consultations to ensure quality oral care services for people across Los Angeles. The purpose is to provide oral care services to all sections of society. There is no means of dental treatment as affordable as through telemedicine. At the same time, getting treatment through better communication is feasible only through telemedicine.

In any given situation whether it is an emergency or not, telemedicine is highly advantageous. People in remote areas and those having mobility issues greatly benefit from the use of telemedicine. Hence, it reflects that telemedicine has the potential to overcome geographical barriers and provide oral care to all of those who need it. In a way, telemedicine gives opportunities to patients from remote locations to reduce spending towards oral healthcare services. Similarly, dentists can reach out to patients regardless of their location. Another advantage of telemedicine is that it helps patients to communicate with their dentist as long as they need to. As a result, patients in need of follow-up treatment can speak to a dentist without making in-person visits. Therefore, telemedicine can be a solution to overcome any kind of oral diseases.