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The Perspective of Telemedicine in Oral Care
The Perspective of Telemedicine in Oral Care
June 19, 2020
Dental Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dental Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
June 24, 2020

The Potential of Teledentistry in Dentulu

The Potential of Teledentistry in Dentulu

Innovation in healthcare and oral care in countries like America is very complex in nature because it depends on so many factors such as geography, demographics, and landscape. One such innovation is tele-dentistry that assists in easing dental clinical problems. Patients’ oral problems can be resolved remotely. These kinds of tele-dentistry services are beneficial for patients as they are able to save time and money because they can easily consult a dentist at their convenience. This is the reason the teledentistry market  has been growing steadily over the years. Los Angeles has witnessed the extensive growth of tele-dentistry due to the broad divide between the rural and urban population. In fact, the rural parts of the city are deprived from dental care facilities, therefore tele-dentistry is able to fill this gap within clinical care.

Dental professionals typically do not prefer to practice in rural areas. Therefore, Dentulu was developed in order to bridge this gap in getting access to oral care. For the families in rural areas, getting access to healthcare services is a big challenge. Teledentistry has expanded exponentially in America. Teledentistry is an ever-growing mechanism with the scope for unlimited development. Therefore, it is the new frontier of oral healthcare services. Many stakeholders in healthcare services believe that tele-dentistry is the road-map for rendering services in rural areas.

Dentulu has become the tele-dentistry hub in Los Angeles. It delivers oral care services at a fraction of the cost that is charged at typical brick and mortar clinics. Teledentistry saves people from having to engage in long distance travel to get dental care treatment. Dentulu has a partnership with many hospitals, clinics, businesses, senior living centers, etc. in order to expand the network of tele-dentistry to serve those who need it.

Our established tele-dentistry platform is comprised of the video conferencing and store-and-forward technology embedded in the Dentulu dental app. As a result, a dentist reviews the dental care needs of a patient after tele-consultation. During a tele-consultation, the dentist asks several questions. Patients must reply so that they will get adequate treatment. Seniors can especially leverage maximum advantages through tele-dentistry. Oral diseases are common in old age. People with disabilities also have the issue of getting dental care services. Treatment can be costly if they visit clinics in the city. To overcome these expenses, they can resort to tele-dentistry as a mode of treatment.   

Dentulu serves everyone in society irrespective of age and status. The dentists in the Dentulu network provide preventive and diagnostic dental care services. The vision of Dentulu is to provide:

  • Accessible and affordable dental care services
  • High-quality care
  • Comprehensive oral care services
  • An environment where everyone can seek dental care as and when required
  • The concept of healthy oral living
  • Capacity for dental care professionals to reach out to patients
  • Referral services

Convergence with rural communities for their dental care needs