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Telemedicine for Oral Care Services
Telemedicine for Oral Care Services
March 11, 2020
Dentulu: Providing Oral Care Services for All
Dentulu: Providing Oral Care Services for All
March 21, 2020

The Quest for Oral Health Services

The Quest for Oral Health Services

Consulting a dentist without visiting a clinic might sound far-fetched. However, this is now a reality thanks to telecommunication technology. Dentulu has made it possible for communication to occur between a patient and a dentist, even if they are in different locations. This dental app uses the technology known as tele-dentistry to allow communication between patients and dentists. The use of this app has grown exponentially because it has made a positive impact on people’s oral health. 

The biggest oral healthcare challenge in Los Angeles is that rural and semi-urban people are unable to have access to oral healthcare. Only tele-dentistry has the potential to overcome this challenge. In fact, tele-dentistry has profoundly changed the landscape of oral care services. A few years ago, getting remote care seemed impossible, but now it can be done with tele-dentistry.

If clinicians want to provide oral care services to people in remote areas, they need to adopt the use of tele-dentistry. They can do this by registering with the dental app. Whether it is diagnosis or monitoring or treatment, clinicians are able to do this thanks to communication technology. Tele-dentistry has brought a paradigm shift in dental care practice. When distance and lack of time are constraints, tele-dentistry enables patients to have access to dental care. For clinics, the technology used in oral care service are:

  • Data
  • Still images
  • Audio & video transmissions
  • Storage
  • Retrieval systems, etc.

In the practical application of tele-dentistry, two types of technologies are prevalent. They are known as “store and forward” and “two-way interactive television.” A patient can use store and forward technology for non-emergency oral care needs. On the other hand, two-way interactive television technology is ideal for patients who are in need of emergency oral care. In terms of cost, one can use tele-dentistry to their advantage at an affordable cost. Tele-dentistry is unequaled when it comes to providing access to standard oral care services. That’s why everyone is now able to get critical dental care consultation when they need it.

Bringing oral care services to the patient’s home has been getting a large response because house-bound patients like the elderly, physically handicapped, and chronically ill patients now have the opportunity to book the services of a dentist for a house call. Patients can even remain in constant touch with their dentist for any post-treatment dental complications. Patient satisfaction with tele-dentistry is high and will continue to be so. Patients get undivided attention from their dentist during the teleconsultation. Therefore, people must embrace the technology of tele-dentistry in order to gain its advantages.