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Towards Equitable Dental Care
Towards Equitable Dental Care
May 13, 2020
Telemedicine Services Are Gaining Momentum
Telemedicine Services Are Gaining Momentum
June 15, 2020

Virtual Dentistry: The Future of Dental Treatment

Virtual Dentistry: The Future of Dental Treatment

Patients can submit their intraoral images and share their concerns, and this information is recorded and stored to be reviewed later by virtual dentists. This is how virtual dentistry works. There is no need for a patient to come face-to-face with a dentist in order to communicate and get medication and treatment plans. Rather, without even meeting the dentist, a patient can send across their oral issues. This is feasible through teledentistry, which is extremely helpful considering the scarcity of competent dentists around.

A large number of dentists and clinicians have registered with the dental app to serve patients from all areas of Los Angeles. Virtual dentistry is now a reality and people are leveraging the benefits. Since this technology helps patients when they need it the most, virtual dentistry has been getting wider acceptance. In fact, the shortage of dentists and getting access to dental care services like issues have been addressed through teledentistry.

Today, treatment through virtual dentistry is a success. It has led to a change in people’s lifestyle as they are able to connect with virtual dentists quickly with just a few taps on their smartphone. On the other hand, dentists can expand their area of practice beyond their brick and mortar clinic. Moreover, dentists can expand their patient base by reaching out to more patients through virtual technology. There is also an opportunity to gain new patients for their service that takes place through online consultations.

Though virtual dentistry is very much applicable for getting basic care services, this technology is also applicable to treat serious cases of oral diseases. For instance, when a patient requires oral surgery, getting a reliable surgeon is a common concern. Now, with the Dentulu app, patients can communicate with their dentist to get better references because dentists registered with the app are better aware of who are the recognized surgeons and specialists. Thus, the patient will get enough information in advance before going for surgery.

Virtual dentistry works well for the people in the community who lack viable dental care services. This technology is no longer new to people, and they are now using the secure technology featured in the dental app. A lot of services can be rendered through virtual dentistry such as:

  • Oral health care education
  • Risk assessment of oral diseases
  • Preventive measures
  • Tracking the patients’ medication compliance
  • Carrying follow-up services

Virtual dentistry is very helpful for elderly citizens who are living in residential facilities. Since they have mobility issues due to their age, they can use virtual dentistry to keep good oral and dental health. Likewise, vulnerable people, such as the disabled, can also use this technology to get dental care on time in spite of a lot of barriers, such as transportation. As noted above, virtual dentistry is crucial for oral health care and dentistry. Dentulu allows for facilitating all kinds of treatment services.