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December 13, 2019
Virtual Dentistry/Mobile Dentist Los Angeles
Virtual Dentistry/Mobile Dentist Los Angeles
December 16, 2019

Download Dentulu to Contact a Home Call Dentist

Download Dentulu to Contact a Home Call Dentist

The mobile application has changed the way patients think about dental care and communication with dentists. The theme of the application is that it reduces unnecessary visits to dental clinics and at the same time assists people to meet a tele dentist as required. It is quite interesting that mobile applications continue to evolve and they are adapting firmly with the changing needs of oral healthcare. Dentulu is one such mobile application that has set a benchmark in the realm of dental care, especially for the people of Los Angeles. The app has been developed by understanding the sentiments of people as they have issues like visiting time to a dental office and waiting there. Again, they might not meet the dentist of their choice. On the other hand, if a patient downloads the dental app, he or she will get all the vital information containing the location of the clinic, dentists on board, and dentist specialists. As a result, they can address any of their dental health issues.

The app, ever since its inception to serve dental patients, has received an overwhelming response accompanied with attributes like credibility, preventive, and the best alternative to the dental clinic. The striking feature of the dental app is that it enables a patient to connect a dentist remotely. It gives confidence to senior citizens and physically disabled people to contact a home call dentist during a medical emergency. Thus, the app has been getting laurels from the users. Even the app has been attracting commercial success in dental care for the dentists as they are able to meet and treat enough patients virtually. Other than treatment, you are assured that no personal information will be shared with third parties, thereby your privacy is highly protected.

Therefore, it is urged for patients and dentists to go digital, i.e. use the app and communicate with each other to get treated and provide treatment. Let us review the dental app and its services from the perspective of patients:

  • Finding a dentist nearby
  • Getting a virtual dentist at any time and anywhere
  • Dental clinic navigation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment reminder
  • Image-based dental consultation
  • Meet an emergency dentist

The app developed for dental care treatment is known for its performance and usability. Its user-friendly interface helps even non-tech-savvy patients to feel at ease with the app at first go. Now, have a brief from the perspective of caregivers, i.e. virtual dentist as to how the dentulu app has been instrumental for easing the dental practice from the comfort of their place. Those are:

  • Get visibility of all dental patients
  • Collect vital dental information from patients
  • Monitor dental health status
  • Timely intervention
  • Proactive approach for a serious dental ailment

Since the dental app allows to have efficient and streamlined communication, i.e. secure two-way messaging between patients and caregivers at 24×7 and step-by-step medical guidance, it has been getting wider acceptance. In addition to this, the cost of the treatment also has been on the lower side. Our effort will continue for enhanced dental care as much as possible through the mobile application.