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Emergency Dental Care

Millions of Americans and patients around the world often face dental emergencies which are unexpected and occur over night. As with many other diseases and conditions, dental pathologies are often not symptomatic and do now exhibit warning signs. Patients who are not in pain tend to avoid the dentist predisposing them to dental emergencies. Most of these patients do not have a regular dentist to go to so they end up in the emergency room or urgent care center.

Certain emergencies, such as trauma, require immediate attention and consultation from a dentist. For example, if a tooth is knocked out of the socket, it is often recommended to be treated within 30 minutes of the accident after which the longevity and prognosis of the tooth decrease exponentially every hour. If they are luck, the patient will be able to get themselves to an Emergency room or urgent care center but the likelihood that they will be seen immediately is very little.


Since dental emergencies are rarely described as medical emergencies, these patients sit in the waiting room for hours only to be seen by medical doctors with limited experience with dental problems. Most of the patients who seek dental emergency care at the hospital leave with nothing more than opioids and a recommendation to see a dentist. Most of these patients return to the hospital for more pain meds and with little recourse to resolving their actual problem. This is exacerbating the opioid epidemic and decreasing patient confidence in the health care delivery model currently in place not to mention the waste of hospital resources to address these dental issues.

Dentulu is proud to provide multiple solutions to these problems. Dental emergencies can be identified immediately via video conferencing features on the app. A patient can reach a dentist or dental professional within minutes on the app allowing for video consultations and avoiding a trip to the hospital. Most of these patients will be able to get a prescription called in to their pharmacy and be scheduled for same day or next day care at a dental office on the Dentulu Network. The app also allows pictures and files to be send between patient and doctor which provides multiple benefits including the ability to show the doctor visual representation of their problem which will be filed in the patients chart. The patient can send pictures of their insurance info, identification while the doctor can send a document of recommendations and even links to educational sites and remedies.