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Experience why Dentulu's Award Winning services have patients Smiling to see the dentist ! 80%- 100% of services fully covered using existing PPO Dental Insurance!


Download Our App

Download the Dentulu HDA app on either Android or iphone and create a company profile. We will then schedule a 10-15 minute on-boarding call to answer all your questions.

Tell us where to go

Dentulu’s compact mobile units are small and easily set up in a small 10×10 space or even a conference room. All we need is a small room & electrical outlet & we will take care of the rest.

Enjoy World Class Dental Care without missing a beat

Sit back and relax, we will take care of the rest. We will provide email & print brochures to inform your team and coordinate with them to reserve their appointments.

164 MILLION work hours and BILLIONS of dollars are lost annually to and back from the Dentist. Dentulu mobile dentists are here to change that!


With rising cost of living more and more Americans are being negligent about their oral health even those with insurnace. Oral health is a direct reflection of overall health and Dentulu’s preventative and cleaning services not only catch problems early but also eliminate bad breath and reinforce self confidence.



Our dental team comes to your office without affecting your budget. Your employees get the no-cost benefits. We have fit our entire dental office into three small boxes, enabling us to provide the service at your location. Any of your employees doesn’t have to leave the office anymore to go visit a dentist. Also we are in network with all major insurance providers in the United States.

Quick setup

Dentulu allows you to reserve your dates through our Dentulu WP app. Once you reserve the dates, your employees can easily download the Dentulu WP (Workplace) App and schedule their time on those specified dates. The employees can cancel or reschedule their appointments right from the app itself incase they want to. Very little interaction for anyone to really set and track an appointment.

Award-Winning Quality of  Dental Care

Dentulu ensure its service is supported with one of the best in the industry:

  • Our technology – Dentulu’s equipment is better than most mobile dental services out there. Comprehensive and completely portable.
  • Care you can trust – Dentulu’s hygienists are board-certified and rigorously vetted.
  • Leading dentists – all from top dental schools including the UCLA and USC.

Download our Dentulu WP app and register as a Business today. If you have more questions do write to us.

Dentulu visits are free for employers

  • On-site employee dental hygiene cleanings

  • Flexible visit date selection

  • Dedicated patient success manager

  • Customized announcement materials

  • Advanced telemedicine patient portal

  • Dental cleaning visit summary

  • Bright smiling employees

  • Just create a profile and schedule a date! One of our reps will contact you with details J
  • Tell your HR department or company rep to send us a message here! –
  • Request more information to be sent to you by entering your email here ___________

Everyone is eligible! Your coworkers, corporate management, even family members or spouses are eligible and can utilize our services! We accept all patient PPO insurances and do not charge employers for our services.

We do not discriminate and have never had to turn anyone away other than limited spaces in a day due to high demand.

Each one of our mobile units can serve between 10-50 patients per day and we can set up several consecutive days or even weeks to serve your whole team! We do not have an maximum and have served companies with over 500 employees!

Our mobile dental units are incredibly compact and can be set up in a small 10×10 room or even a conference room. We don’t require anything more than electricity and a sink nearby. We DO NOT utilize bulky equipment or trucks and the logistics are super easy.

  • We make the process easy for you and will set up our equipment almost anywhere that is convenient for you. We can set up in open areas as well as closed rooms and we will bring all necessary equipment and partitions to ensure your privacy and comfort.
  • Our equipment does not make any loud noises nor do our drills have the traditional dental drill sounds! We bring with us yummy fragrances of your choosing and also have VR glasses to ensure your comfort and entertainment.
    We take cleanliness very seriously and we sterilize all countertops and surfaces with UV technology as well as hospital grade Professional Caviwipes. We clean up after ourselves and have a no trace left behind policy at each location we visit.
  • Each hygienist or dentist needs at least a small 10X10 space which can serve a maximum of 10 appointments a day. If we are doing 5 appointments a day, we just need one small room for a half day, and if we are doing 50, we need 5 small rooms or a larger room which can fit several hygienists. We can also stay a couple days if necessary to divide up the space requirement and allow for all the employees to be seen.
  • We do not require any special lighting or plumbing and carry our own trash cans as well as custom lighting similar to what you would see in a dental office.
  • Yes! Not only has mobile dentistry been endorsed and spearheaded with eh American Dental Association and other governing bodies but we have a team of onsite and certified mobile dentists who will ensure the highest standard of care available.
  • We actually believe that patients receive BETTER dental care with individualized attention and higher focus and emphasis on patient care and preventative services.
  • We’ve incorporated extensive clinical and literature analysis and research with dental industry lawyers and recommendations by the American Dental Association (ADA) dentists to ensure our practices meet the highest safety standards. We have all of the safety equipment needed per OSHA regulations.
  • If we are delivering via the conference room pop-up method, we are simply using your space as an onsite dental care office for the day. Your company is not liable for any health care-related choices made by our trained healthcare professionals in your space. All of our dentists carry Malpractice insurance and all necessary licensing.
  • We are proud to implement a “no trace left behind,” policy leaving the workplace exactly how we found it. We take any and all hazardous waste with us when we leave the building, and dispose of it properly in our partnering dental offices. Your facilities and any rooms we use will get sanitized before and after all procedures.
  • We keep things clean and organized with specialized equipment that disposes of all saliva and liquid waste into compact vacuums!
  • Click here, select your desired service, find your workplace location, select your desired time slot, fill out your basic contact information and voila! You are penciled in. An insurance information/medical history form will be emailed to you to complete – all online, all ahead of time!
  • If we have open appointments on activation day, we absolutely accept walk ins! Our team onsite can assist in making day-of appointments.
  • YES! Dentulu is happy to announce that we partner with or accept ALL Dental PPO insurances and we will bill on your behalf through all major dental insurances. We accept all DPPO plans and work with non-insured patients through reasonable cash pricing. We do not currently accept any DHMO plans but are actively seeking partnerships with various carriers.
  • All most 80%-100% of cleaning, x-rays, and examinations are covered by insurance, but certain elective procedures such as teeth whitening and invisalign will carry additional charges.
  • Once we receive your insurance information, our team will review and verify each person’s insurance coverage prior to their appointment and as long as they book their appointment and submit their insurance information with 48 hours notice they will be cleared for their appointment. If for some reason the patient’s insurance does not cover 100% of their services, we will contact the employee and notify them of any charges or co-pays directly.
  • Dentulu is not only for the insured. We offer very reasonable prices for those without insurance. All services have clearly marked pricing and we accept credit card payments at the time of booking. We also offer payment plans for patients and their family members.
  • Dentulu is NOT a replacement for your dentist and can work with your current dentist to offer you more convenient cleaning and preventative appointments.
  • All of your patient information and treatment notes can easily be transferred on our HIPAA compliant app to your regular dentist. All you need to do is simply ask!
  • Dentulu is proud to be the leader in providing Dental Wellness Programs and we focus 100% of our attention and energy into providing the best mobile dental services alone. Unlike other companies who mesh vision, teeth, and hearing together, we do one thing well and insure the best dental experience possible.
  • We do offer elective procedures such as whitening, invisalign, night guards as well as other cosmetic procedures.
  • Yes utilize the most advanced digital x-ray technology available and can take high quality yet low radiation x-rays as needed unless the employee elects not to take them. Either the dentist onsite or the remote supervising dentist receives them and provides an assessment for each patient after the appointment to notify the patient if anything is wrong.
  • As part of our comprehensive dental care, we may take pictures of your teeth and mouth for the dentist to review and for your records.
  • If permitted by the patient and the employer, we offer to take general photos of the space for social media marketing purposes and will provide the employer these photos to share on their social media.
  • If your space does not permit photography, we are more than happy to comply.
    Nothing confidential or unapproved personal data will be in publicly shared photos.

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Dentulu’s mission is to provide, improve and innovate oral healthcare delivery to broaden dental care access and information. Our goal is to create a revolutionary innovative, high quality dental service that becomes the standard in the dental industry now and in the future around the world.

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