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There can't be a simple way to provide dental care to your patients. Dentulu helps dental professionals reach potential patients as well as adds value to your existing practice.


Download App

Download the Dentulu HDA app, register as a Dentist. Fill your profile, complete the registration. That’s all. We verify you and on-board you.

View your appointments

Dentulu’s customized dashboard allows you to track your video consultations and appointments with your new patients.

Video and Chat

Many dental professionals are not aware that they can’t share images x-rays etc on any chat platforms which is a complete violation of HIPAA. Dentulu is operating on a HIPAA compliant cloud platform ensuring privacy and security.

2 Million Patients visited Emergency Room last year for Dental emergencies

More about Dentulu

How to Register as a Dentist

From the Dentist

A lot of solutions for Dentists are still trying to find a perfect market fit, but Dentulu has worked its way through to be one of its kind and perfect fit for Dentists and Patients for anywhere anytime access to oral care. Download Dentulu HDA App Now!

HIPAA Violation can be Expensive to deal with

Dentists in a an effort to provide best and possible access to the patients discuss with them privately on texts and private chat rooms. But they don’t realize its in violation with HIPAA if the chat platform is not HIPAA Compliant. Dentulu is on a HIPAA Compliant platform which enables you to safely and securely exchange patient x-rays or images over the chat or messages.


Getting New Patients and Helping Existing Patients

Dentulu is not just referring you patients. It is a platform which allows dentists to connect with dentists, patients to connect with dentists, and patients or dentists connect with other dental industry professionals. We are making every effort to access our platform affordably, secure and private for all our users. All the professionals who are signing up on our platform get a 6 months free access to our platform.

Why need to be on Dentulu?

Dentulu is a revolutionary tele dentistry and mobile dentistry platform for both dental professionals as well as patients. Dentistry has existed for over 100 years but access to care had been always improvising from time to time. There were days when care came home, but again it faded away and whereas we have to go in search for care. But now its coming back, all the care is coming to home through technology.




Dentulu HDA app allows you to connect live video calls with the patient at your convenient available times.


Our tele-dentistry capabilities allows you to chat with your new patient or existing patients securely and privately.


Our app displays dentists available for emergency category making it easier for both patients and dentists to communicate easily.


You will be able to track Dental appointments made by Dentulu users through intuitive dashboard and features.


As per HIPAA you are not allowed to share any files over private chat or text rooms until and unless they are HIPAA Compliant. Dentulu is on a HIPAA Compliant server helping you to avoid such complications.


All the messages and video calls are safely recorded over a encrypted and HIPAA compliant platform for future references.

Award-Winning Dental App

Our technology – Dentulu’s software is built in-house with team of highly experienced developers.

Care you can trust – Dentulu’s software is time to time put through various audit procedures to ensure its safe and secure.

Download our Dentulu HDA App and register as a Dentist today. If you have more questions do write to us.

Who else can be part of Dentulu

  • Your entire Dental office

  • Dental office can invite all the dental professionals to be on our app.

  • Access all your dental professionals through our platform.

  • Hygienists and Dental assistants can also be part of the system with their own logins.

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Who We Are

Dentulu’s mission is to provide, improve and innovate oral healthcare delivery to broaden dental care access and information. Our goal is to create a revolutionary innovative, high quality dental service that becomes the standard in the dental industry now and in the future around the world.

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