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Virtudent partners with your employer
to bring dental visits to your office


Sign up online

Easily sign up online via our secure booking portal and fill out your medical records

On-site dental cleaning

During your 45-minute appointment, a hygienist will clean and polish your teeth and take x-rays & intra-oral pictures

Patient Portal

A U.S. licensed dentist will review your records and provide an online diagnosis and recommendations

Before the appointment

  • Your company will send you an email with a signup link to reserve an appointment
  • Enter dental medical history and insurance information

While in the chair

One of our best-in-class hygienists will provide your dental cleaning and oral health diagnostics in 45 minutes, then you’re back to your desk. Standard and optional services include:

  • Complete oral health exam and cleaning
  • Previser™ assessment to determine your general oral health and risk level for oral cancer, cavities, and gum disease
  • X-ray and intra-oral photographs
  • Optional fluoride varnish

After the appointment

  • Your x-rays, intra-oral photos, and risk assessments will be reviewed by a U.S. licensed dentist for diagnosis
  • Within a week your dental records, oral health status, and dentist’s recommendations will be available via our secure online patient portal
  • If additional care referrals are necessary, our team will help you find a local dentist for any necessary follow-up treatment