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Teledentistry on demand

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How it works

Dentulu is the world’s first dental mobile app serving both patients and dental professionals. Dentulu provides a variety of services including mobile and concierge dentistry, as well as virtual dental care on demand. Explore how the revolutionary Dentulu app is changing the future of dentistry.

Teledentistry on demand

Patients can take advantage of Dentulu’s virtual dental software and connect with a licensed dentist within five minutes from anywhere in the world. Patients can also schedule a mobile/concierge dentist or hygienist to visit them almost any location, saving both time and money, while experiencing a whole new approach to dentistry.

Either download the Dentulu app or register on our website to create your free account.

Schedule a virtual consultation, second opinion, or a concierge dentist within minutes.

Fill out your patient intake form, sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

How to Download Dentulu App


IntraOral Camera

One of the hindrances in dental treatment is that the patient often denies their worsening dental condition. This is where the intraoral camera plays a significant role, as it allows both the dentist and patient to look at the affected portion of the mouth. It can detect ailments like cavities, carious teeth, or fractured fillings, and sends well-defined to the  dentist. From there, the dentist can determine the necessary treatment or surgery plans.



Dentulu Teledentistry FAQ

Download the Dentulu app
Register with some basic information
Follow the directions to call a dentist

Get questions answered or get a second opinion
Determine the level of emergency of a problem
Send photos and videos of the problem area to a dentist directly from your phone

Up to 10 minutes. Afterwards, you can send a photo and video and chat via text message with your selected dentist.

Yes, the app allows patients to connect with other dentists, but you can go back to your primary dentist.

At the moment during this Covid-19 virus outbreak, the federal government has relaxed all medical telecommunications apps so that patients can have maximum flexibility and access to care.

Navigate to your phone’s app store (iPhone or Android ), search for Dentulu, and select download. It’s free!

Yes. You will need high-speed internet access and a webcam or built-in camera with audio capability. 

If your visit is interrupted for any reason, the provider can use this number to call you back and finish your conversation.

You may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express debit or credit cards for payment.

The cost for an online medical doctor visit is just $55 if you don’t have a dental plan, if your plan doesn’t cover online visits or if you haven’t met your plan’s deductible. If your health plan covers these visits, you may only owe the copay or coinsurance amount. Either way, you will always see what you owe before you begin a visit. The cost is the same even on nights, weekends, or holidays.

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Dentulu’s mission is to broaden access to dental care and information, by providing, improving, and innovating oral healthcare delivery. Our goal is to create a revolutionary, innovative, high-quality dental service that becomes the dental industry standard around the world, now and in the future.

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