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Integrated care requires better communication between medical and dental settings. Oral health and systemic disease are connected. The respective Healthcare providers need to be connected.


Physicians feel the dental referral process is broken. The result is fewer patients getting the coordinated care they need, possibly complicating other medical issues and delaying when they get dental treatment.


Many medical procedures carry a risk of serious oral health complications. Better coordinated care between dental and medical providers is possible with teledentistry.


Placing an intraoral camera and TeleDent in settings such as nursing homes, school nurse's offices and pediatric medical offices connects these patients to the dental home they need.


Each year there are over 2.1 rr h on Dental-related visits to Jrgent Care and Emergency Rooms.

Create suitable care plans

Choose from an extensive list of 50+ health trackers to design specialized care plans for your patients, because you understand their health best. Also include

  • Monitoring frequency or how often patients need toupdate their parameters.
  • How often you/your team team will be reviewing these health readings.
  • You can optionally set up a monitoring team to track patient health.
  • Add subscription costs for plans.

Contact us if you’d like specific trackers to be added for your remote care plans.

Add patients to your plans

Add patients or let them know about your care plans during clinic visits or online consultations.Once added, your patients will be able to share their health readings with you as directed by your plans and have their health reviewed periodically to prevent any complications.

Collect payments for care plans

Define subscription costs for your health plans and collect payments online from patients subscribed to your plans. Your remote monitoring plan allows you to provide patients with personalized care, on your term, while also growing practice revenue. Patient can also renew their subscriptions online.

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Monitor subscribed patients regularly

Track your patients' health with your remote monitoring plans. Patients can share their health readings through health trackers defined in your plans. Review their health parameters and share your feedback. Patients can also ask your monitoring team questions real-time to receive immediate intervention.

Analyze their progress on your care plans

Review long-term patient progress on your care plans. Patients health data can be visualized graphically to allow both your patients and monitoring team to see the results of their health being monitored.

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Review patient health data from integrated devices

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Health data from home monitoring devices like iHealth BG5 monitor, Omron BP monitor, Polar Heart Rate monitor, DNurse glucometer and other health trackers through GoogleFit and Apple’s Health app can be synced with the patient app to be shared for your review

For specific device integration requests, contact our support team

Care Plans for Better Health Management

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Remote patient monitoring plans can be created for post-surgical care, chronic care management, long term health management or preventive care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When defining Remote Monitoring plans, you can also set days and time to send automated reminders to patients for them to update their health reading. This would improve adherence to your care plans.

You can define the status of your monitoring plans as 'Live' (visible to patients), 'Disallow New Subscriptions' (new patients will not be allowed to subscribe to them) – this helps you manage the number of patients monitored and also 'Disable' (patients will not be able to view the plans). This way you can remove plans without patients or discontinue plans and stop receiving subscriptions for them.

Prior to their subscription ending, an automated notification will be sent to your patients about renewal. Alternatively, you can view all of the patients on each of your monitoring plans and choose to renew their subscription for them. They will be directed to make the payment for their subscription.

The Virtual Practice has over 50 health trackers which can be enabled in the Settings page, for Remote Monitoring plans. If you'd like a specific health trackers to measure a specific health parameter that isn't part of this list, kindly write in to us at and we will consider your recommendation.

In order to offer real-time intervention, it is possible for you to define threshold limits for health trackers that are part of your care plans. If a patient enters readings that exceed these threshold limits, you will be alerted about it to review and provide a response.

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