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The field of dentistry has witnessed many technological advancements. The intraoral camera is one such advancement that has redefined the concept of photography altogether. The camera assists in perceiving and interpreting the clinical application of dental treatment. The camera helps in revealing the hidden defects of teeth or something overlooked at first sight. Therefore, it makes a high impact on dental care as far as patient compliance is concerned.

Role of Intraoral Camera in Dental Treatment

In dental treatment, the significant role is played by the intraoral camera. The valid reason is convincing patients regarding dental conditions affecting them. Because, the patient doesn’t know his/her true condition of the teeth. This is where the digital dental camera assists in taking the inside image of the mouth. When this image is presented to the patient, he/she realizes and agrees to the dentists. The camera comes with USB connected features. It is portable and can be connected to the existing network.

Bright LED features of the camera


The advantage of using an intraoral camera is that it helps dentists in making more visualization. This is ensured through halogen light sources or bright LED features of the camera. For instance, a dentist is treating a patient for a carious tooth. It becomes to identify the defective tooth in the nacked eye but with an intraoral camera, the dentist can diagnose it easily. In a way, the camera helps in uncovering the dental problems before they are getting serious. Moreover, a patient can see what a dentist is looking at, thereby it creates trust. As a result, it will create a consensus between the patient and dentist, which in turn paves way for a safe dental treatment. Actually, the photographs taken by the intraoral camera ensure the seeker and provider of the treatment on the same page. By virtue of it, the dentist can make informed decisions about the treatment.

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Functionality of Intraoral Camera

When it comes to understanding the functionality of an intraoral camera, it is simply a video camera. It is placed in the mouth to take photographs. Its size is like that of a dental mirror. The camera has an in-built light system that illuminates the specific mouth area that needs to be examined. It has the capacity to take a series of photographs as well as video. The photographs
taken can be saved and displayed in the computer monitor to assess the scenario of the affected mouth. Patients by seeing the photographs agree to the dentists to carry out the treatment. Another significant feature of the intraoral camera is its potential to convert the image to the language that is recognized by the computer.

Use of Intraoral Camera in the Specialized Discipline of Dental Care

  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral Medicine
  • Oral Surgery
  • Oral Radiology

Dentulu always uses the latest technology like intraoral cameras to provide optimal care and comfort as far as dental care service is concerned. It also uses the technology of teledentistry for preventive and diagnostic care services for remote patients. The dentists resort to the application of an intraoral camera as a teledental device, which in turn sends the view of the mouth condition. Thus, oral health examination is conducted timely and the patients are advised medications accordingly. This is how the patient gets special attention as well as education on dental care. By virtue of this, dentulu has attained excellence in clinical treatment.

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