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Dentulu is a Los Angeles healthcare technology company taking the dental field by storm. We are the world’s first on-demand booking app that offers a broad spectrum of services for clients requesting in-home or in-office dental services, such as initial exams, x-rays, teeth cleaning and more. Backed by a team of dental professionals and technology experts, our goal is to increase access to care and help millions of patients who cannot or will not go to the dental office for a variety of reasons. We also offer a 24/7 emergency tele-dentistry consulting service directly with a board-certified dentist for our clients in an effort to minimize the need for emergency visits to the hospital and dependency on opiods as a means to minimize unexpected pain. Dentulu’s proprietary software encompasses a back-end ERP system admin integration as well as geo-location tracking whereby the client can observe the dental unit’s location as they head to the client’s location.

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Dentulu’s mission is to provide, improve and innovate oral healthcare delivery to broaden dental care access and information. Our goal is to create a revolutionary innovative, high quality dental service that becomes the standard in the dental industry now and in the future around the world.

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