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Has the Coronavirus Crisis Increased the Need for Virtual Consultations?
Has the Coronavirus Crisis Increased the Need for Virtual Consultations?
July 29, 2020

It’s Time for a Transition in Oral Care Services

It’s Time for a Transition in Oral Care Services

There is no better time than the present for healthcare facilities to experiment and move towards remote treatment models. The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had is universal. Though health care facilities and clinics have stopped serving patients in person for other issues in order to accommodate coronavirus patients, delivering care services is not on hold anywhere in the United States. Dentulu has been delivering dental care services through teledentistry. Teledentistry has been helping those who have issues accessing services due to social distancing measures. The pandemic has drawn attention to the capabilities of healthcare institutions and the current gaps in healthcare. Using an alternative mode of delivering care services during the coronavirus pandemic could be the biggest experiment in the realm of remote treatment delivery.

The Response From Healthcare Facilities

Even if there is a market shift towards online healthcare delivery, many care facilities and clinics currently do not have the necessary mechanisms in place to deal with the present healthcare emergency situation. However, through teledentistry and telemedicine, Dentulu can address oral care needs as well as COVID-19 emergency patients. Now is the perfect time for healthcare facilities and practitioners to use teledentistry, especially through its synchronous online mode.

A Digital Tool

The Dentulu dental app is primarily responsible for remotely delivering and getting oral care services. Everyone in the community, including providers, can use this tool to their benefit. Many healthcare facilities have shifted towards a digital means of treatment due to the current situation. Online treatment through the dental app has minimized the cost of getting care. Moreover, the popularization of teledentistry has compelled both patients and practitioners to use this technology. The ADA has also approved dental practice through teledentistry.

An Inevitable Transition

The emergency transition to remote care has occurred due to the ongoing pandemic. Online treatment has allowed dentists and their practice to transition into interactive video conferencing dental care services. One of the objectives of dental care service is to remain prepared for tough incidents. This time, it is the ongoing pandemic. Next time, it could be a natural disaster or another difficult issue. Therefore, to deal with these challenging situations, the use of remote treatment is highly essential. The pandemic has caused a wake-up call to acknowledge and adopt new forms of technology for healthcare delivery.