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Mobile Dentistry for Nursing Homes

Elderly citizens who reside in a nursing home can face a lot of difficulty when they require dental care. This is due to a variety of complicated health circumstances, such as mobility issues that prevent them from travelling to a dental clinic or pain issues that can prevent them from being able to wait too long in a waiting room. However, it is critical that elderly citizens have access to dental care, as elderly citizens are prone to having more dental issues due to their age. These dental issues can cause complex health problems if left untreated. For example, elderly patients can face dental problems such as gum disease, denture issues, and tooth loss. These conditions can cause difficulty when speaking or eating, resulting in a reduced quality of life.

Thankfully, with Dentulu’s mobile health services, dental care can arrive right at the location of the people who need it the most. Nursing home staff can download and register with the Dentulu app in order to easily schedule a mobile dentistry visit. The elderly no longer have to expend energy worrying about how they will be able to visit a dental clinic, as Dentulu makes it possible for dental care to come to them. With the simple touch of a button on a smartphone, nursing home staff can make a mobile dentistry appointment on their behalf so that dental care arrives to the residents of the nursing home.

Our mobile dentistry services have condensed the typical dental office into three portable bags that contain all the equipment necessary to provide on-site dental care and treatment. Dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants head to the location of the nursing home in order to provide high-quality, compassionate treatment. The Dentulu team can provide consultations, perform cleanings, and set up treatment plans to ensure that elderly citizens can maintain good oral health. The Dentulu team is also able to share important dental information with the staff and residents so that they can be more knowledgeable about proper dental health.

With the dental treatment from the Dentulu team and the individual treatment plan, nursing home residents can get the quality care that they need to have better dental health—and when patients have better dental health, they also have a better quality of life. That’s why Dentulu’s mobile dentistry services aim to increase access to dental care for nursing home residents and for anyone who is in need of dental care.