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Dentulu provides on-site dental care for homes, nursing homes, hospice centers, non-ambulatory patients, and busy professionals.

Home Dental Visit

Download the Dentulu app, sign up as a patient, and book your dental hygiene appointment for in home dental care for youself, your parents, or your kids.

nursing home dental care

Retirement Homes Dental Care

Dentulu dental team travels to old-age homes, nursing homes, and hospice centers to provide dental care to patients with or without insurance. (For more information, click the header)

mobile dentist for busy professionals

Busy Professionals

Dentulu provides mobile dentistry for businesses and workplaces. No cost for the employer or the employee. We accept any dental PPO insurance.

Non-Ambulatory Patients

Non-ambulatory patients would usually need to set up a dental appointment with a one-month wait and two-week window after that. Dentulu eliminates the wait time and brings the service to the patient’s location.

nursing home dental care


Get a cleaning or whitening just before your wedding or a huge party. Dentulu dental team can also come and provide service for your entire family at your home.

mobile dentist for busy professionals

Concierge Dental Services

Dentulu provides private services to celebrities and VIPs by sending highly-trained professional dental teams to their hotels, trailers, or location of choice. At a premium cost you’ll get the comfort of your home as well as complete privacy.

Why Mobile Dentistry?

Dentulu’s mission is to provide, improve, and innovate oral healthcare delivery to broaden dental care access and information. Our goal is to create a revolutionary, innovative, high-quality dental service that becomes the world standard in the dental industry now and in the future.


Going to Dentist Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle!

Due to the busy schedules and day-to-day work load, more and more Americans are being negligent about their oral health. Poor oral health can lead to many overall health problems, and this in turn leads to additional future medicals costs.

No More Wait!

Our dental team comes to your home without affecting your budget. You pay just $55 as a home service fee and we charge the rest to your insurance. We are in network with all major insurance providers in the United States. We fit our entire dental office into just three small boxes, enabling us to provide service at your home or any location of your choice. You no longer have to leave the office to go visit a dentist.

Quick Setup

Dentulu allows you to reserve your dates through our app. You can register yourself, schedule a time for you or your family to get a whitening, regular cleaning, or deep cleaning. We also provide examination and x-rays. We make it easy for you to get the care you need.

After over 100 years, Dentistry has finally been made simple through automation

Award-Winning Quality Dental Care

Dentulu ensures its service is supported with the best in the industry:

•  state-of-the-art technology – Dentulu’s comprehensive and completely portable equipment is better than most mobile dental services out there. Comprehensive and completely portable.
•  Care you can trust – Dentulu’s hygienists are board-certified and rigorously vetted.
•  Leading dentists – All from top dental schools including UCLA and USC.

Download Our Dentulu App and Book an Appointment Today.

Dentulu visits with or without any dental PPO insurance

  • Professional in-home cleanings and whitenings
  • Flexible appointment date selection
  • Dedicated patient success manager
  • Customized announcement materials
  • Advanced tele-medicine patient portal
  • Postoperative visit summary
  • $55 home service fee with insurance

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Who We Are

Dentulu’s mission is to broaden access to dental care and information, by providing, improving, and innovating oral healthcare delivery. Our goal is to create a revolutionary, innovative, high-quality dental service that becomes the dental industry standard around the world, now and in the future.

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