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Meet An Emergency Dentist through the Dentulu App
Meet An Emergency Dentist through the Dentulu App
July 22, 2020
Modern Day Dental Practice Management
Modern Day Dental Practice Management
July 25, 2020

Need to Serve Dental Patients Virtually?

Need to Serve Dental Patients Virtually

As a dentist, you might be used to practicing in a conventional way by meeting patients face-to-face. However, traditional practice has its limitations and you might not get enough patients to visit you. This is where you should consider virtual dental practice. This is a form of dentistry where neither you nor your patient physically visit one another. Rather, you are sitting comfortably in your clinic and the patient is communicating with you while you deliver oral care services remotely. If you are interested in virtual practice, you must want to know how you can transition your dental practice to also include virtual practice. If you love to look after your patients, then engaging in virtual practice is a no brainer. All you need is to be equipped digitally so that you can connect with your patients at your convenience. Dentulu empowers you to practice virtually through its Dentulu dental app.

The next question is what kind of technology is right for you in order to deliver health care services virtually. Dentulu is a digital teledentistry platform that you can take full advantage of. The app contains very easy-to-use features that allow you to connect with your patients through video conferencing or online chat. Teledentistry is an excellent communication platform that is HIPAA compliant and completely secure. If you are registered with Dentulu, you can shape the delivery of oral care service the way you want to. There is no doubt that by engaging in virtual practice, you will get more revenue. As a registered practitioner on Dentulu, you can gain the following advantages:


  • Unlimited access to the Dentulu portal
  • Guidance for virtual practice
  • Plans to virtually deliver service
  • HIPAA compliant platform
  • Virtual visits with patients, etc.

It is up to you whether to practice virtually or conventionally. However, the clinicians who have registered with Dentulu are able to practice successfully through our dental app. They are making a positive impact on patients’ lives through the use of teledentistry. One of the significant benefits of virtual practice is that you can advise your patients according to your availability. Even in the current COVID-19 pandemic, you can guide patients on how to remain healthy and prevent from catching the virus.

Virtual practice isn’t just for providing individual patient care—you can also use this practice to connect with the community at large. By practicing virtually, you can build a good relationship with the people in the community. For instance, if you served a patient or group of patients virtually, then word-of-mouth will help market your service and take your practice to the next level. You can also create a peer-to-peer referral network, which in turn would bring a lot of virtual practice. Download the Dentulu app and begin practicing virtually today!