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Virtual Dentistry/Mobile Dentist Los Angeles
Virtual Dentistry/Mobile Dentist Los Angeles
December 16, 2019
Virtual Dentistry to Extend the Touch of a Remote Dentist
Virtual Dentistry to Extend the Touch of a Remote Dentist
December 18, 2019

Oral Health Care through Teledentistry

Oral Health Care through Teledentistry

Teledentistry involves the application of telecommunications along with virtual technology for delivering oral health care outside the conventional dental-care office setting. It uses a range of communication technologies (audio, video, chat) for exchanging information by a patient to a dentist and vice-versa. Actually, it is a means of virtual dental health care, where chronically ill or bedridden dental patients get guidance from the comfort of their homes. Again, tele dentistry has made the task easier for the tele dentist to provide care remotely. All these remote activities of receiving and providing care are ensured through a mobile app, known as Dentulu.

The concept of teledentistry is to fill the widening gap between dental health providers and health seekers. It enables dental care access to the needy with a great outcome. Ever since this app-based dental care came to inception, it has reduced the demand of patients looking for treatment in a dental clinic. There are two reasons to attribute in this regard; one is cost-savings, and another is ease and comfort of getting dental care, thus making the dental health care industry more resilient than before.

Therefore, with your computer or smartphone, then consider dental access care is almost a done deal. Dentists also use this digital technology to support and advise patients for dental care needs. Let us recap the beneficial services of teledentistry Los Angeles:

  • Dental care accessibility to people living in remote locations
  • Readily available dental services
  • A convenient way of getting treatment, especially people having mobility and transport issues
  • Access to dental specialists
  • Coordinated care by Dentulu team
  • Schedule virtual appointment
  • Facility for appointment reminders, etc.

In teledentistry, prominence is given to virtual appointments or virtual consultation as it enables a patient to meet a tele dentist through video conferencing. Again, patients requiring ongoing dental care, find this virtual appointment very conducive as they have no need to make the in-person visit. The virtual appointment or virtual consultation is to deal with minor dental ailments so that the dentist can prescribe tele medicine and related suggestions in favor of dental care. Even for serious ailments, you will get advice and referral to visit a specialist or any clinic.

Another benefit accruing out of teledentistry is remote monitoring by a dentist. Here, the dental app allows dentists to collect necessary images and information from time to time. This way, the dentist can measure the progress of treatment and initiate necessary steps for recovering from dental illness. Additionally, dentists can handle a complicated case of dental treatment and consult dental specialists to get more insights for providing better treatment. Thus, the virtual consultation by a dentist to a dentist specialist reduces his/her wait time at the clinic of the latter and it is done without making a physical visit.

By now, you may have realized the potential of tele dentistry and how it facilitates the accessing of dental care. Dentists to expand their base of dental care services must ponder on using the dental app as it brings in newly found business potential. I hope you will concur with this trend of providing treatment in the most engaging way.