Dentaldrop - Secure HIPAA Compliant File Storage

Dentaldrop helps you to securely save, share and store patient x-rays, images and files on secure cloud.

Access on all devices

Dentaldrop provides access across all kinds of devices to your files. Search, share, store, download, and manage.

Emergency Dental Appointment
Emergency Dental Appointment

Secure and HIPAA compliant file storage

Dentaldrop offers complete secure, HIPAA compliant and completely private cloud based encrypted storage system.

Enhanced search

Easy to search your files using the file name, when it was created, browse through folers and add them to favorites.

Emergency Dental Appointment
Emergency Dental Appointment

File upload methods

We have made uploading the files easier for a dental office user or a provider. Built by a dentist for dentists.

Detailed view of storage uses

Get details of how much space you have and how you are using your storage space for storing secure and HIPAA compliant files.

Title or tag your images for easy search

We have provided easy ways to update a title, tag and other information for each image thereby making it easier to search.

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Simple storage plans to choose from

Your dentaldrop feature comes with a free 100MB of secure cloud space. You can buy storage according to your needs and usage. Completely secure and HIPAA compliant storage system for dentists and dental offices.

Emergency Dental Appointment
Emergency Dental Appointment

File share history

Know who you have shared your files with for better access and control of your files. Keep track of all shares.

Quick help tools

We have provided quick help tools such as share, rename, delete, move, make a copy, favorites, quick view and many more

Emergency Dental Appointment
Emergency Dental Appointment

Upload multiple file formats

We have provided the most used file formats in every dental office or a dental provider would use. PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, XLSX, XLS, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, SVG, JPEG