HIPAA Compliant Virtual Dental Visits Powered by Dentulu

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Generate a personalized URL and meet virtually with patients anywhere

As patient demand for telehealth services grows exponentially, it’s vital to keep up with the next generation of patient care delivery. Created by dentists for dentists, Dentulu’s telehealth platform automates patient care from the ground up and allows dental professionals to remain competitive within the industry. No more long waits and missed appointments — transform your practice with the power of Dentulu today!

With end-to-end encryption and fully HIPAA-compliant, DirectConnect helps dentists generate two types of links depending on their needs:

Generate a Link Unique to Patients

Communicate with patients in real time via video chat, anywhere and everywhere. As Dentulu is a browser-based software, there’s no need to download anything! With HD video and audio calls, connect to patients via your personalized URL and do what you do best.

Connect with dentist directly
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Generate a Link for General Invitations & Clinical Collaboration

Enhance your practice and collaborate with clinicians in real time via a shared screen visible to all attendees. Less in-person office visits, with the same great care; that is the power of Dentulu.

How it Works

Dentulu login page

To begin, please login with your credentials on dentulu.com

Generate Link

Once logged in, under the Direct Connect tab, select the patient you wish to meet and click “Generate Link”

Generate link in dentulu
Generate a customised link on dentulu

Send to Patient

Congrats! Your link has been generated! Copy the unique link and send it to your patient via SMS or email.

Waiting Room

Once the patient follows the link, they’ll be placed in your personalized virtual waiting room where they can notify you once they’ve arrived.

Waiting room for patients
dentist connect directly with patients

Connect each other

Once you are ready, begin the visit and connect with each other. Yes, it’s that easy! Dentulu’s HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform comes with two-way end-to-end encryption, prioritizing privacy and patient confidentiality.

Successfully completed

On completion of successful appointment.

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Access from Everywhere

With iOS, Android, and browser integration Dentulu is compatible on all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. No matter where in the world you may be, Dentulu’s simple client accessibility has you covered.

Dentulu Is Available For Both IPhones And Android!

Download the Dentulu app and connect your Patient today.

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