The Use of Telecounseling in COVID-19 Affected Areas in the U.S. Your SEO optimized title
COVID-19 and the Rise of Telemedicine
COVID-19 and the Rise of Telemedicine
August 10, 2020
Telehealth: A Futuristic Technology in Dentistry
Telehealth: A Futuristic Technology in Dentistry
August 12, 2020

The Use of Telecounseling in COVID-19 Affected Areas in the U.S.

The Use of Telecounseling in COVID-19 Affected Areas in the U.S.

Dentulu has been providing a tele-counseling facility to patients ever since the inception of the Dentulu dental app. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Dentulu has been offering tele-counseling to people in the community across the United States, especially in and around Los Angeles. The social distancing measures that were put in place to curtail the rapid infection of the virus have affected many people. Now, when patients are affected with fever and cold symptoms, they do not know whether it is due to the novel coronavirus or due to the common cold or flu. Moreover, sick people are unable to go outside but still need healthcare. This is where tele-counseling helps.

Dentulu has a network of registered dental practitioners and healthcare professionals. These professionals alleviate people’s anxiety regarding their healthcare issues. Our healthcare professionals provide counseling sessions to those who need it. To get the tele-counseling advantage, people must register with the dental app because it is the most reliable source to communicate. We have trained dentists, doctors, and counselors and they connect with patients through our dental app network. They give advice on the significance of hand-washing, self-quarantine, use of masks, and related precautionary measures.

At this critical hour, more people require counseling. We hear people’s needs and understand their requirements. Accordingly, we provide tele-counseling services in order to keep them informed. Further, we explain government guidelines they must follow. We provide tele-counseling services for more than just coronavirus related issues. We also provide tele-counseling to dental patients as well. A patient from a remote location can seek tele-counseling services from a dentist that is in an entirely different location. This is all possible through teledentistry.

Whether it is an emergency need or a regular dental care treatment or seeking a second opinion, feel free to connect to a dentist and seek their tele-counseling services. As a result, the patient would come to know:

  • What medications to take
  • How to take care of their teeth
  • What is the availability of the best dental clinic
  • Which specialist to approach
  • Whether the patient requires surgery, etc.

Dentulu’s experts have noted that tele-counseling helps people in remote areas, especially those who live in rural areas, because they have limited access to healthcare professionals. In fact, tele-counseling is now one of the prominent modes for delivering healthcare services. We have witnessed patients’ growing interest in using tele-counseling services. If you want to use this service, you can do so through video conferencing and chat. Feel free to schedule an appointment time for a virtual consultation. According to your preferred time, the dentist or care professional you chose will communicate with you and address your healthcare concerns. Our dental app meets a multitude of your health needs.