The advent of mobile dentistry has seen a wider use case compared to the days when only brick-and-mortar dental clinics were available. This advancement has become more available with the entry of Dentulu into the industry alongside the latest innovation in mobile dentistry. Our universities and schools are not left out in the innovation created by Dentulu to expand the reach of proper dental care to all nuke and craning in the world.

Universities can access our University-based mobile dentistry programs and solutions while connecting to A-grade dental specialists and a Class A recreational vehicle (RVs) with small exam rooms equipped with our top-class dental units. No doubt, you would find everything needed in the RVs, including sterilization equipment, X-ray tools, and computers. This practice has been on since the 1900s, but Dentulu has taken it to an all-new level by being the pioneers of the world's firstmobile smartphone app, which enables your university students and staff to gain access to mobile dentists or mobile hygienists within any location in your university. Our university-based mobile dentistry is characterized by certain features.

Complete Mobile Dentistry tool kits

There is no lack of the right tools to carry out the proper dental checks on students and staff with our university-based mobile dentistry. Every tool you'd need in a traditional dental clinic is provided in our RVs. No need to look somewhere else.

Access to well trained Mobile dentists

What is a university-based mobile dentistry solution without a mobile dentist? We don't just have mobile dentists, we have well-trained and industry-worthy mobile dentists ready to cater to the dental needs of your university staff members and students wherever they may be in the university. All mobile dentists are trained to carry out the regular dental procedures carried out in a traditional dental clinic, so you need not worry about the quality of service as they are top-notch.

The University-Based Mobile Dentistry Application

Dentulu simply makes life easy by creating an “uber-like” application/platform where you can automatically be matched with a dental clinician made available within the school premises. You can get access to dental health programs such as dental screening, dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and other health programs just by clicking on your smartphone.

Why Choose Dentulu for your university-based mobile dentistry?

  • Provide access to dental care within your university environment with ease
  • Reduced cost
  • Easy to use mobile application to access mobile dentists within the school environment
  • Reliable dental solutions at all levels
  • 100% support from Dentulu
  • Access to only the best mobile dentists in the industry
  • No more worries on how to find a dental clinic close by

The innovations of Dentulu have caused a paradigm shift in the oral health industry through innovative University-Based Mobile Dentistry solutions. Dentulu is the next step to gain quality access to mobile dental care.



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