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Virtual Dentistry

A Key Component of Oral Health

Imagine the scenario where a patient connecting with a dentist and who in turn advises them on dental care and medications without either one of them having to meet in person. It is not just a figment of one's imagination, providing dental care from a remote location by using communication technology, commonly known as virtual dentistry, is actually a reality

Virtual Dentistry

Get access to dental care at a faster and affordable rate by a virtual dentist as and when required.

Virtual Consultation

Get oral healthcare or medical opinion from a remote location without visiting in-person.

Dentist App

Download the app, get registered, and meet your dentist without any hassle. A convenient way of getting dental treatment.

Consultation App

The tool facilitating a patient to communicate with a dentist for an online consultation either through video conferencing or chat system.

Dentist Near Me

When you are searching for a dentist near me on a dental app, you would come across scores of dentists with their prime location within quick time.


At a time when distance and time are critical factors to get dental care, dental app supports you while ensuring effective treatment from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Dentistry

A Key Component of Oral Health

2 Million Patients visited Emergency Room last year for Dental emergencies

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Dentulu’s mission is to provide, improve and innovate oral healthcare delivery to broaden dental care access and information. Our goal is to create a revolutionary innovative, high quality dental service that becomes the standard in the dental industry now and in the future around the world.

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