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November 26, 2019
December 4, 2019

What is Dentulu

What is Dentulu

When someone mentions dentistry, two thoughts come to mind.  First, we think about our very first trip we took to the dentist.  Secondly, we think about our last trip to the dental office.  What we are not thinking about is Mobile Dentistry.  Amazingly enough, what we really should be thinking is ‘modern dentistry’, synonymous with a Mobile Dentist and a Tele Dentist.

Traditional dentistry involved so many older methods and routines that it was only a matter of time before something as revolutionary as Dentulu would come along and change the entire dental industry.  With Dentulu, the days of going to the dentist’s office are gone.  As a matter of fact, going in for routine cleaning is now something of the past.

Think of it in terms of the process everyone went through when we all said goodbye to the yellow pages when they in search of such essentials as a dentist.  We can all think back and remember what it was like to find the phonebook, yes it really was that great big book everyone had next to there phone at home and work.  Now, all a patient has to do is download the app and immediately have the ability to be connected with a Mobile Dentist via a secure network that is 100% HIPAA compliant.  Here is the absolute best part, patients can now schedule their appointment through the app and enter the location they would like the Mobile Dentist to show up.  It is that easy!

What’s more, the Mobile Dentist will show up to your home, or office you specified through the app.  They will be teamed up with a dental hygienist, as well as a dental assistant.  They are going to bring all the dental office essentials we have grown accustomed to, such as a portable modern dental chair, portable X-Ray machine, portable dental hand instruments, all packed away into two compact bags.

Finally, modern technology that we can all benefit from, at the same price we already pay for having to go to the dentist’s office.  All major dental insurance programs are easily compatible and accepted.  This high-end service, initially only for red carpet clients, is now available to all.