White Labeling

Your App + Your Brand + Your Patients

A white-label, Patient-Engagment, Telemedicine mobile app that helps grow your medical practice revenues and personalize patient care


With your app your patients can

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Your branding, logo, and domain will be on the platform, indicating that it is completely affiliated with your organization.

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We provide template-driven, multilingual, deep UI customizations (lite and advanced versions) and custom forms.

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We do not just provide a product, but serve you as a technology partner and help your business grow.

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Our strategy is to embrace technology, so we provide you full ownership and control over your data.

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We offer custom integrations with external systems and devices, tailoring our approach to your organization’s needs.

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Your patients will not be charged until you complete consultation. You can even waive the fee for the visit.

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Connect with state-wide pharmacies of all types and get your prescription delivered on time.

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Integrated tool to get the comprehensive insights and analytics to run your virtual clinic effectively.

Patient Centric

Secure, Convenient and Effective

Patients are increasingly taking more control over their care, so why not make it easy for them? Dentulu provides your patients with a convenient and secure way to access their dental providers. With Dentulu, you can allow your patients to request virtual visits & manage their own digital health data, at both your convenience & theirs.

Harness Dentulu’s Best of Class Technology

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Customize and white label your organizations own mobile dentistry platform powered by Dentulu

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Clear Aligner Companies

Provide a branded and fully customized mobile and web app for your clear aligner company

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Direct to Consumer Services

Support your direct to consumer products and services with the power of Dentulu’s software and network of licensed dental professionals

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Insurance Companies

White label or customize a consolidated and integrated dental solution for members and providers while participating on our marketplace!

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Dental Service Organizations

Consolidate your digital solutions on one platform while decreasing costs and introducing new competitive workflows with patients and providers.

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Industry Partner Companies

Participate in our marketplace and introduce Dentulu’s powerful software to your existing customers as an affiliate.

Available in the App Store

Your white-labeled apps are available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Link your apps to your website and promote them in all your patient marketing material. The mobile apps can be downloaded for FREE by your patients. Your health services are just a touch away on your patients home screen

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Your Branding

Your Branding Your app, for your practice. A unique mobile app that will carry your branding, logo and images, making it easy to identify and download

Your choice of colors

Make it your own. The option to customize themes and colors so that your app is a natural extension of your business. Our design team will help design the perfect app icons, splash screen and custom look and feel to match your brand.

+ 1500 colours more…

Doctor Listing & Profiles

Help your patients make informed choices. Display listing of all consultants and staff members at your healthcare organization for patients to connect with. All of the information can easily be updated any time through the web back-end.

Patient Appointment Booking

A full-fledged appointment booking feature with patient and provider notifications. Your patients also get automated reminders, which is a great time saver and helps reduce no-shows. Manage the appointments through the web based appointment scheduler or doctor mobile apps ( available for free download)

Text Consultations

Getting the right answers was never this easy. You app will allow patients to ask questions and get second opinions, whenever they need, wherever they are. Want to charge your patients for the advice - that's possible too, all through the app.

Telehealth and Video Consultations

A white-labeled Telehealth solution built for your practice. Follow-ups get easier with Video Consultations than ever before. Patients can book a session, consult via video and receive a consultation summary directly through the app. Patients can also pay you directly through the app. Telehealth opens up a whole new revenue stream for your clinic practice.

Patient Care Plans

Monitor your patients health remotely. Enroll your patients to care plans. Accept payments online. Monitor the updates from your patients and send them feedback directly through the app.

Push Notifications. SMS. Email

With your own app you can now send push notifications directly to your patients. Your patients receive push notifications for appointments, care plan reviews, blog updates and other relevant events. SMS, Email notifications are also available.

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Accept Online Payments

Easily accept online payments for appointments, care plans or question services within the app.

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Upload Medical Reports

Sharing medical reports is a breeze. Medical Reports are stored securely in the cloud and we also support DICOM images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Providers/Doctors get a full-fledged Virtual Practice that can be accessed from any browser. Providers also get iOS and Android apps that are available for FREE download from the app stores. The Virtual Practice allows you to manage your patients, appointments, conduct telehealth video calls, manage care plans, answer patient questions, manage your care team and much more. We offer a free trial which allows to try out all the features

We currently support English and will be rolling out support for other languages very soon. Contact us to know more.

Once we have all the required information, the apps should be available within a few days

Yes. We are constantly adding new features and the new app updates with relevant features will be automatically made available to all your patients.

Our white labelled telemedicine/patient-engagement app along with the Virtual Practice gives you a comprehensive and fast-evolving technology platform to run your business. If your need further customization, then we offer an Enterprise version which would enable exactly that. Contact us to learn more.

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