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Teledentistry: Telehealth consultation is conducted in real time when a
dental professional video conferences with a patient through telecommunication technology.

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The challenges in acquiring patients through traditional marketing have left many dentists frustrated and dissatisfied. The average patient acquisition cost is roughly $150-$250 per new patient and utilizes outdated and inefficient modalities of advertisements. By participating in our revolutionary program you stand out as a dental office who is not only up to date with technology and is progressive, but also provides an added features that very few offices are aware even exists. We handle all the marketing and advertising and all you have to do is the amazing dentist you are and greet your new potential clients before they book with you on your time. Here is how!

Dentulu is proud to offer a revolutionary new platform for Dentists and Dental professionals to attract and acquire new patients through Teledentistry. Teledentistry has already been established as one of the leading new modalities in improving access to dental care. It allows dentists to communicate virtually and in real time with patients who have oral health needs, questions, or concerns. Teledentistry eliminates travel time, reduces transportation costs and minimizes time away from work or school and allows a real time conversation between the patients and clinicians in a relaxed environment for both parties.


  1. Video Consultations: Our video consultations are no more than 10 minutes. You are provided a pre-scheduled consultation with a potential patient who will virtually meet you with the intention of becoming a patient of your office.

  2. Direct (Text) Messaging: Text messaging feature used on our app where the patient can easily communicate with you or your office and ask questions, schedule appointments, or verify insurance before coming into the office as a new patient.

  3. Emergency consultations: Immediate connection to an Emergency Dentist that is available to address an immediate emergency situation a patient is having. The doctor can give advice, call in a prescription (if they want), and schedule the patient to be see in the office.

Enroll Now! There are only a certain number of providers we are able to enroll in each area and in each specialty. Please reserve your space now and make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity. Should you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to us for immediate customer support!

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    Dentulu’s mission is to provide, improve and innovate oral healthcare delivery to broaden dental care access and information. Our goal is to create a revolutionary innovative, high quality dental service that becomes the standard in the dental industry now and in the future around the world.

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