Bone Grafting

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft is a procedure to add volume and density to a jaw, wherever there is a bone loss. From your own body, the bone graft material may be taken(autogenous), purchased from a human (allograft) or an animal tissue bank (xenograft). It might also be a synthetic material.

How does bone graft work?

After placing the bone graft, the body heals itself by growing or regenerating the bone itself.

There is another method to grow the bone by using platelet-rich plasma(PRP) which is taken from your own sample blood and is used to heal and regenerate tissue.

Who needs a dental bone graft?

Anyone who lost bone in their jaw usually requires a dental bone graft.

  • Are tooth extracted

  • Placing a dental implant to replace a missing tooth

  • Want to get dentures after rebuilding the jaw

  • Lost bones due to gum or periodontal disease

How common are dental bone grafts?

It is an extremely common procedure and performed by a general dentist, periodontist or oral surgeon.

What are the types of bone grafts?
  • Socket preservation

  • Ridge augmentation

  • Sinus lift

  • Periodontal bone graft

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