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A Dental App to Deal with Dental Emergencies

A Dental App to Deal with Dental Emergencies

Do you need emergency dental care? Now your smartphone can save you from making unnecessary visits to the clinic, thanks to the dental app developed by Dentulu. This is a new smartphone application that allows patients to capture and transmit images from the inside of their mouth. Along with these images, patients can provide other necessary information to a dentist during a dental emergency. After reviewing the information and images sent, the dentist will make a treatment decision. The beauty of this app is that it guides patients to identify whether they are having a real dental emergency or a suspected emergency. The app contains a series of questions that the patient needs to answer, which becomes clinical data to be reviewed by the dentist. These questions take just a few minutes to complete.

With tele-dentistry, a patient can easily send the clinical information to a dentist for reference. Otherwise, people generally visit a clinic for emergency treatment. They are given painkillers to relieve pain and they are referred to dentists afterward. By doing so, the patient loses valuable time in which they could have received treatment, and once again, the patient is charged a fee. Therefore, to overcome these issues, patients can use our dental app to communicate directly with dentists in case they require emergency treatment.

The best part of the dental app is that you will gain access to a network of dentists connected to the app. From here, you can pick a dentist to communicate your dental issues. This app is also helpful for dentists. By using this app, dentists can go digital and virtual to treat patients. It is a tailor-made app for dentists and they can use it to their business advantage. The app also has certain customized applications in which registered dentists can communicate with patients for medication or treatment advice in an emergency.

Text chat is one significant feature of the dental app that allows a patient to chat with a dentist regarding their dental problems. The purpose of this app is to minimize dental visits and get timely oral care solutions. This is why the app has been becoming more popular day-by-day and has proved to be a promising solution in oral care services. Therefore, it is highly suggested to create an account and register with the app. Even if you are not a patient, we encourage you to create an account so that you can interact with a dentist if a need for dental treatment arises in an emergency.  

Your oral health is extremely important as it has an impact on overall health. You never know when you might need an emergency dentist, so it is important to be prepared. If you want to live a healthier life, use the Dentulu dental app.