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Mobile Dentist


Getting anything at your doorstep has been the phenomenon in recent times. Dentulu offers mobile dentistry, creating the opportunity for the patients to book dental appointments through our Mobile Dental App. Once the patient registers with this mobile app and reserves a date and time, the mobile dentist will visit their choice of location and at the scheduled time. Our mobile dentist services offers a variety of preventative treatments such as whitening, a regular cleaning, full mouth x-rays, complete oral exams, as well as a deep cleaning and cancer screening among others. This is offered for both child and adult patients..

Our mobile dental office is simplified within two small bags equipped with all the necessary tools of a dental office, to provide the onsite dental treatment. We make visits to homes, retirement homes, businesses, as well as other various locations. Patients with limited mobility are welcoming this new service as a praiseworthy initiative since they are getting treatment without having to step outside their lifestyles. Our mobile dental services are also offered as a concierge service for celebrities and high net worth individuals. Our dental team consists of dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants who arrive at the patients location, set up in few minutes and professionally perform the service. The user experience is automated through our mobile app and processed via HIPAA compliant patient records management software.



With the increased use of technology in areas of access to care for patients, the dynamics of dental care and treatment have also changed. People can now access oral health care professionals through tele-dentistry which is a combination of telecommunication, digital imaging, and video chat. It is an app-based dental care service, where both patients and dentists can reach out to each other. Remote patients and patients with a need for emergency dental care have the ability to reach out to dentists located everywhere. It is an inexpensive way of obtaining and providing treatments for both patients and dentists respectively.

Patients can use our secure platform that is HIPAA compliant to exchange communication with the dentist using our mobile app. It would be a direct violation of HIPAA regulations for patient information to be transmitted over an non compliant electronic platform. Patients have the ability to share information with a dentist of their choice through the app for a consultation or even a second opinion. In the event of a patient looking for an emergency dentist, Dentulu helps the patient connect with the nearest dentist within 5 minutes 24/7. Dentists, in turn, would have the ability to prescribe, medicate, and see the progress of the patients through various virtual dental visits. Our tele-dentistry app puts the power in the hands of the users to get the help they need, when they need it.

Our Mobile App


Dentulu mobile dentist app enables any patient to book dental services at a time and location of their choosing


Our tele-dentistry capabilities allow video conferencing with a Dentist on Demand from the comfort of your own home


Emergency patients can schedule with our Contracted Dentists 24/7 for next day emergency care


The Dentulu app allows functional booking and tracking of all aspects of their dental treatment.


Dentulu utilizes various advanced technologies to reduce or eliminate dental anxiety


The Dentulu emergency dentist app allows the user to track the Dental Team’s location as well as communicate with them via video and text communication


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For Clinicians

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Our proprietary tele-dentistry service is integrated into our Dentulu app. This personalized concierge service gives our patients the peace of mind of knowing that they can reach one of our dentists for any urgent dental issues they may be having. In addition, it allows the patient to get direct, personal consultations with the dentist for any and all aspects of their treatment. A trusted dentist is only a click or two away! Relax, you’re home and we are here to assist!

Mobile Dentist

By using Dentulu’s proprietary software, a professional and trusted team of dental experts can be scheduled with an easy to use app available on your mobile phone. You can schedule our team to come to your home, office or remote location and provide you with dental procedures without the need to sit in traffic and wait in a crowded waiting room. You can also schedule cleanings and other services for a loved one in a retirement home, hospital, or hospice. With location and geo-tracking capabilities, you will be able to monitor and track the entire process as the Dentulu team head to your chosen location.

24/7 Emergency Dentist

Our 24/7 Emergency dentists can be accessed through our Dentulu app and will give you direct access to a trusted and licensed dental expert within minutes. There is no need to sit in an emergency room for hours to get some relief as our dentists are standing by to listen to you and give you the advice you need. You will immediately be scheduled for next day service at one of our nearby locations for any dental emergency service you may require or can book an appointment with a dentist in the comfort of your own home.


To serve and empower both dental professionals and patients across the world with proprietary software that bridges the gap between the two. Our goals are deeply rooted in increasing access to preventative and emergency care for millions of patients through the use of Mobile Dentistry and Teledentistry. With an emphasis on enhancing communication and prevention, we aim to minimize dentistry’s contribution to the Opioid epidemic and potentially save millions of lives with early detection and care. Convenience is just one benefit of Dentulu as the use of anxiolytic technologies aim to reduce fear and anxiety for thousands of patients who are afraid of the sights, smells and sounds of a traditional dental office. The Teledentists are here and the future of dental care is just a click away. Smile, You’re home!





Scheduling your dental visit could not be easier. Simply download the app on your mobile phone and register your new profile. Then schedule a dental examination from one of the available dates and that’s it!

Your initial examination appointment will range between 1-1.5 hrs. Future visits will generally be completed in 1 hour or less

Dentulu prices are similar to the current industry averages you would expect at your dental office. For most patients the initial exam and x-rays are $99 home service fee with insurance and $199 to start without insurance per visit. All prices and estimates will be provided for your approval before we begin.

You can cancel your appointment within 24 hours after booking your appointment at no charge. Once a scheduled appointment is confirmed, you will have options to reschedule or cancel your appointment for a set processing fee.

Your first appointment, as per the California and ADA requirements, must be the initial consultation where our team will determine your individual needs based on your clinical and radiographic examination. During this exam the dental team will take x-rays and do a full mouth examination of your teeth. Once this is completed, you will have a one to one tele-dentistry call with your assigned Dentistry who will inform you of your comprehensive treatment plan recommendations. This treatment plan will be posted on your Dentulu app for you review and approve for any and all follow up appointments.

Our Dentulu mobile team is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and special care is taken to maintain the same standard of care you would expect in any dental office. In fact, we believe that our services surpass the traditional dental experience because of the one on one attention you will receive. Unlike a traditional dental office, with the clinician providing individualized care, Dentulu patients often prefer the at home experience eliminating the sounds, smells, and wait time of most dental offices.

Our Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Dentists all go through a rigorous screening before joining our world-class portal team to ensure that every patient has top quality care. Each Dentulu clinician is licensed and receives extra training to ensure your safety and comfort.

All infection control policies possible are adhered to and patients will no longer have to worry about cross contamination of other patients seen in the dental office.

After your initial exam appointment, you will immediately be able to review your Dentist’s treatment plan and recommendations. Once you have reviewed and approved of the recommendations, you can pay and book your next appointment with Dentulu.

After consulting one of our professional licensed clinicians, your Dentulu Dentist may bring to your attention other potential recommendations. Dentulu will notify you of your treatment options and either arrange for a dentist to come to your home or assign you to one of our trusted local dentists that can ensure proper continuation of your dental needs. All of your dental records will be made available to you and your dentist digitally and allow for ease of communication between your clinicians.

Dentulu has a large network of approved dentists located close to you and we will recommend or assign specific dentist to help perform any necessary dental procedures we do not or cannot provide in the comfort of your home. Dentulu will recommend these dentists after vetting their overall quality of care and up to date license. Dentulu also offers at home dental visits from our professional dentists for specific procedures above and beyond preventative care.

Dentulu accepts all dental PPO insurances. We do not accept HMO, Medicare or Medical. You can also pay without insurance and avail our services. Our app is integrated with accepting your insurance information, and processed successfully by our backend team.

Our Dentulu team comes prepared with all equipment and material necessary for your procedures. We simply need a minimum amount of space, generally a 10 foot radius, close to an electrical outlet. After registering for your examination, your Dentulu team will send you electronic forms to fill our as is standard in all dental offices.

Dentulu is a one of a kind service currently only offered in Southern California and is set to expand to nearby regions in a short period of time. The Dentulu app offers a unique feature that allows you to check if clinicians are currently being offered in your area.

Absolutely! One of the main features and benefits is that you may schedule dental appointments for a loved one or family member under your profile. This is very similar feature to Uber where you may schedule a taxi driver for another person and can track their entire progress and location on your phone.Dentulu’s mission is to increase access to much needed dental care to millions of patients who have difficulty traveling to the dental office. Dentulu is not just about convenience but intends to completely revolutionize the dental experience in the comfort of your home. We intend on empowering dentists and dental hygienists to better serve their patients by providing the technology that drives mobile dentistry and telecommunication.

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