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The Current Status of Telemedicine in Los Angeles

The Current Status of Telemedicine in Los Angeles

Dentulu’s teledentistry platform has the endorsement of the American Dental Association. By using this technology, dentists and many clinics have developed their telemedicine networks. The practice guidelines have been clearly stated by Dentulu, Inc. The objective behind telemedicine is to transform Los Angeles into a hub of oral care services. Telemedicine ensures end-to-end electronic oral health care and improves the public’s overall health. This is the reason that Dentulu has been acquiring a sizable market in dental care treatment. Moreover, it is preferred as an oral health care destination for neighboring cities. Simultaneously, the short term travel by the citizens of nearby cities has been increasing, thereby dental tourism has received a boost.

Dentulu has taken the lead by using the telemedicine platform to provide preventive oral care management. The Dentulu stakeholders have envisioned the app as a means to deliver oral care services at people’s doorsteps. Dentulu has already helped rural communities receive access to online dental care through the network of telemedicine. Thus, healthcare infrastructure has been upgraded as video conferencing can now take place between a patient and their dentist from two different locations.

By using telemedicine, a lot of benefits can be leveraged. Take the example of patients’ medical records. Most of the clinics in Los Angeles had previously used a manual process of recording patient care information. At times, patient information becomes difficult to access as searching from the pile of records is a time-consuming task. However, the insurance sector requires detailed healthcare information before disbursing funds as a part of reimbursement claims. In this situation, automation is needed to simplify the process. This is feasible through telemedicine as it functions within the norms of HIPAA compliance.  

Dentulu has taken a significant role in shaping the future of telemedicine in the realm of oral care services. Dentulu has developed an app that incorporates teledentistry software. Dentulu has collaborated with many dentists and clinicians to facilitate their delivery of diagnostic and preventive oral care services. Further, it has initiated various telemedicine projects in and around Los Angeles to specifically cater to the needs of the rural communities. Dental specialists have also been able to collaborate with other specialists through the network of telemedicine.

Currently, Dentulu is implementing oral disease surveillance programs among those who have registered with its app. Dentulu also enables teleconsultation to educate and train dental health professionals. Moreover, our telemedicine initiatives have been used by many specialty dental hospitals in private sectors. Another initiative is in the interests of professional practice, where premier dental clinics in the city are collaborating by sharing knowledge and seeking second opinions in dental practice. Technologically, Dentulu will continue to meet dentists’ and patients’ needs and deliver optimum oral care services.