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Why Nursing Homes Require Mobile Dentistry

Why Nursing Homes Require Mobile Dentistry

Nursing homes recognize the changing health care needs of their senior residents and develop a health care plan and an oral health care plan is one of them. The reason for developing an oral health care plan is that many elderly people lose their teeth due to dental issues. However, they want to live longer and want to retain their teeth. Hence, there is a need for dental care and subsequent maintenance. Negligence of dental health can lead to increased health implications. For instance, elderly patients are prone to oral soft tissue lesions. Aging has an impact on the immune system which can result in various chronic conditions, reducing the elderly person’s quality of life. Special mobile dentistry care for the seniors is very much vital to address these issues effectively.

Providing oral care is a special challenge for nursing facilities, considering that elderly people may often have mobility issues. However, they need restorative and preventive care. A study conducted on nursing home residents’ dental care needs shows that the residents have many concerns, such as:

  • Untreated caries
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Tooth loss
  • Denture issues, etc.

To overcome all of these issues, nursing homes depend on mobile dentistry. Dentulu understands the issues faced by nursing facilities. Nursing facility staff may lack adequate knowledge on proper oral health care. Further, some residents have financial issues and others have physical limitations that prevent them from getting access to dental services. The nursing home may also have residents with dementia, and their behavior may make it difficult to provide care services. Hence, mobile dentistry is the best alternative to deal with the residents’ oral care needs. 

Dentulu is a leading player in providing mobile dentistry services. Many nursing facilities in the Los Angeles area have partnered with Dentulu to provide their residents with oral health care services. Our dentists provide compassionate oral care services like any other conventional medical facility. The residents are educated about their oral health so that they are empowered to manage any minor issues themselves.

Our mobile dentistry services are available if booked by the nursing facility, but individuals or a group of residents can also book our service. They can do this by downloading the Dentulu app, registering an account, and booking our services. In the case of an emergency, residents can directly communicate with our emergency dentists. We have received a lot of positive feedback from nursing homes due to our reach and our compassionate, high-quality dental care services. Nursing homes now realize the needs of oral care which is why they now give a high priority to it. Residents have also expressed their desire to get care from our mobile dentistry services. We provide dental care services in compliance with HIPAA requirements. If needed, nursing homes should feel free to book our mobile dentistry services without any hesitation.