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Canada Teledentistry – A Resource for Advanced Oral Care Service

Canada Teledentistry - A Resource for Advanced Oral Care Service

Canada dentists are renowned for providing digital dental care treatment and service. This service, known as Canada Teledentistry, can be used for preventive oral health checkups, diagnoses, information exchange, and follow-up consultations, and even allows patients to customize their treatment. Providers of Canada Teledentistry, like Dentulu, help facilitate more convenient dental care for people in all kinds of locations and situations.With the Dentulu dental app, even underserved patients across Canada can access Canada Teledentistry service. Canada Teledentistry ensures that all patients throughout Canada get the dental and oral health care they require, even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, teledentistry is now considered a standard across the country and helps to educate the people of Canada on how to remain on top of their own oral health.

Teledentistry comes in two forms: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous teledentistry occurs in real-time, meaning that dentists and patients can speak to each other live and have a real conversation regarding the patient’s oral health concerns. The dentist can even give an initial diagnosis and feedback to the patient on the spot, despite them being physically separated.  The other form of teledentistry, asynchronous teledentistry, operates on a store-and-forward system, in which patients and dentists can upload dental records, images, or other relevant information, and send it to each other to be opened and viewed at their own convenient time.  This works great for dentists who need time to develop proper treatment plans. By utilizing both of these different forms, both patients and dentists can customize how care is given and received. A patient can control exactly how they want to get oral care, and a dentist can reach out to a multitude of patients efficiently and effectively.  

Canada Teledentistry is the easiest and most versatile method of accessing dental and oral care for many patients and dentists across Canada. With Dentulu and their dental app helping to automate the whole process, it is now easier than ever to get virtual dental care online, and with no reduction in quality. Patients feel properly guided and well-taken-care-of, and dentists can reach out to more patients than ever before. Canada Teledentistry powered by Dentulu ensures affordable holistic oral healthcare services. If you want world-class oral care services delivered to your doorstep, then use Canada teledentistry.