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Mobile Dentistry: Dental Care at Your Doorstep

Mobile Dentistry: Dental Care at Your Doorstep

Dentulu’s mobile dentistry services enable increased access to oral health care, especially for people who reside in remote and unreachable areas. Nonetheless, people from urban locations and businesses can also gain the benefits of using mobile dentistry services. Dentulu’s objective is to deliver dental care to people’s doorsteps. Its services meet the standards of a traditional brick and mortar clinic. Dentulu serves people with a mobile clinic equipped with everything necessary to provide dental care treatment. Our mobile dentistry services have several specialized areas in oral care, such as:

What is special about mobile dentistry is that it allows dentists to visit patients, instead of the other way around. With mobile dentistry, a team of mobile dentists and paramedical staff are able to visit patients’ locations in a mobile clinic. The mobile clinic carries the necessary equipment and accessories that are also found in basic laboratories. Moreover, the moving unit carries diagnostic equipment such as X-ray generators. Mobile clinics visit patients at the patient’s scheduled time and location. At times, the mobile dental clinics are mobilized based on the community’s needs. Patients are treated inside of the mobile unit by mobile dentists.

We serve people through mobile dentistry as there is often a lack of adequate oral care facilities in rural areas. Rural communities may face the following obstacles when attempting to get dental care:

  • Shortage of trained dentists
  • Shortage of lab technicians
  • Shortage of pharmacists

Therefore, mobile dentistry is the best viable option for these communities.

Unfortunately, many of those who live in rural areas don’t have access to critical medicine. One-quarter of the population travels long distances just to get basic oral health care services. Taking these issues into account, Dentulu’s initiative to serve people through mobile dentistry is laudable. In addition to providing people with dental care directly at their doorsteps, our mobile dentists educate patients about proper oral health. Depending on the complexity of the patient’s case, our dentists can also provide a referral for a checkup with a specialist. This is how we have been serving people in the rural community with our delivery of professional oral care services.

Booking mobile dentistry services is very easy. If you have a smartphone, download the Dentulu dental app for free on the App Store or Google Play. Create an account by filling in the required information. Only registered users can book our mobile dentistry services. As a registered user, you can search through our network of dentists and specialists to book their services for your individual treatment. If you prefer, you can instead use teledentistry for a remote individual consultation and personalized treatment plan from a virtual dentist. Even businesses can book mobile dentistry services for a mass checkup for their employees. This way, the cost of treatment remains affordable. Our dentists are always ready to serve those who need oral health care services. As soon as you book your appointment, our mobile dentists are ready to serve you at your desired date and time.