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How am I going to get to the dentist’s office?  What am I going to do about my toothache when I can’t drive myself anywhere?  Are these questions you have asked yourself recently?  Now, thanks to Mobile Dentistry we can download an app on our smartphone and communicate with a Mobile Dentist.

As a resident in an assisted living facility, a person with limited mobility, or simply someone with difficulty getting around, Mobile Dentistry can be the life-changer you have been waiting for. Finally!  A way to connect with a Mobile Dentist in your area. By taking advantage of this new Mobile Dentistry app, you can share digital inter-oral images and discuss them with your Mobile Dentist via live video conference, on your smartphone.  If needed, the Mobile Dentist can even prescribe appropriate pain medication for your dental emergency.  How is that for help with your dental needs?

The app is free for patients and it all takes place over a secure platform.  Modern dental professionals are moving towards this new form of Mobile Dentistry.  Other preventative dental services are also available through the mobile app, but did you know many, if not most, are at the exact same cost as traditional dental in-office visits using your current dental insurance?  Wow, access to convenient and affordable dental healthcare for everyone.

To recap, we have access to a Mobile Dentist, we can schedule a date and time for them to come to see us and we also get to choose where we want to have the work done, at no additional cost!  Everyone is busy and doesn’t have time to do the run-around leg work to research dental credentials, so the fact that the Dentulu app has already done the work for us is amazing in itself.  Convenient and practical seems to be the underlying theme here.

As a patient, all the stress and anxiety that would go into trying to figure out a way to get to the dentist’s office is now behind us, thanks to Mobile Dentistry and the Mobile Dentist.  Speaking of less worries, the secure platform seals the deal all on its own.  Being HIPAA compliant speaks volumes.  The laws are strict and ever-changing, therefore patients have to be extra diligent.  As a patient, we cannot afford to compromise any security measures when it comes to our personal patient information.  Security must be a top priority in today’s age of digital communication.  Encryption is a requirement, not just a luxury or simply just a secondary safety measure.  Downloading the Dentulu app to our smartphone can be done with confidence and knowing they pride themselves in securing and protecting us while doing so is very reassuring.