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Virtual Dentistry for a Wedding Smile

Virtual Dentistry for Wedding Smile

Myself Katy, a fun-loving woman and a well-established IT professional in a top MNC. Recently, I found a man of my dreams with whom I recently got engaged. Thus, the wedding was imminent, but I had limited time to focus on my appearance, especially my teeth. I was not happy with my yellowish colored teeth. I went in for a teeth whitening service in a clinic near my office but got upset with the outcome. Thus, my concern was how to overcome this concern as I was adamant on a perfect wedding day smile. During this time, one of my friends suggested me to try again through virtual dentistry. I was a little bit skeptical about the service as a virtual dentist who appears through digital technology to advise and administer. Moreover, I had a doubt that technology can replace the traditional treating dentist in a clinic. 

To meet the virtual dentist, I downloaded the Dentulu app and came to know the presence of scores of online dentists. I selected one such dentist and fixed a dental appointment. My virtual dentist during the virtual consultation kept interacting with me about my issues. At the same time, he was chatting to prescribe certain basic procedures for my teeth whitening. I enjoyed the consultation process as it was a different method of getting dental treatment, but he advised me to go for mobile dentistry. Previously, I was not aware that dentists were reaching the doorsteps to provide oral healthcare. As per the planned appointment, the dentist with other paramedical professionals reached my residence with a mobile van equipped with all the requisite dental equipment. 

I was given three options for teeth whitening such as initial exam & cleaning, basic cleaning, and professional one-hour teeth whitening. I opted for the last one and the outcome was amazing. I saw a dramatic change in my teeth appearance and it gave me the confidence to meet and greet my hubby and relatives on the wedding day. Now, it could be inferred that my decision to contact a tele dentist was correct as it brought back my smile. Therefore, I would like to recommend others to embrace virtual dentistry treatment based on a dental app. This is not just about mere cleaning service; rather in emergency time like toothache, the advisory by an emergency dentist provides great relief. 

The best part of virtual dentistry is that it eliminates distance and the dentist and patient comes face-to-face through video conferencing. In fact, the treatment through a remote location is the cheapest and the fastest. Hope, for any of your dental issues, your preference would be getting treatment through the Dentulu app.