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People’s Perception of the Dentulu Dental App

People’s Perception of the Dentulu Dental App

Dentulu has launched an interactive dental app that is dedicated to delivering oral care services. This app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Download this application to interact with a dentist whenever you need one. On the Dentulu app, patients can send details about their oral health issues to the dentist of their choice, who can then provide remote treatment to solve the patient’s issue. Millions of people are now using our dental app as it allows fast and secure access to a dentist. Further, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the app makes it easy to get dental care while preventing the spread of the virus. We have many healthcare professionals in the Dentulu network that are available to provide remote oral healthcare. The information that is provided by the patient helps in timely intervention.

People in Los Angeles are very excited to use Dentulu because they are getting virtual dental care whenever they need it. People are using the app’s teledentistry features to get remote treatment for their dental issues. Similarly, virtual consultations are only a few clicks away thanks to the app. Many people living in rural areas use teledentistry. People in rural areas prefer teledentistry because they are able to get timely treatment even if they are located far away from the mainstream healthcare infrastructure. The demand for virtual care is not just from people in remote areas, as people from urban locations are also using this app. Another benefit of using this app is that people are able to become more educated about basic oral healthcare. The users of the dental app are more informed about how to take care of their oral health and know more about preventive care to prevent further oral issues.  

Since patients have witnessed and realized the benefits from using the app, teledentistry has become a mainstream way of getting healthcare services. Getting virtual dental care through a dental app is especially useful for senior citizens and patients with mobility issues. As a result, it gives dentists and care professionals an important reason to continue to use teledentistry and telemedicine programs. In turn, dentists are able to reach more patients to strengthen their dental practice. That’s why the app is crucial to both patients and dentists for their different needs.   

Before the dental app was launched, many people were unable to access dental services. Now the app has expedited the process of getting rapid care. Even cases of teeth shifting or chipped teeth can be handled through the dental app. People are no longer interested in visiting a traditional brick and mortar dental clinic. Whether you are getting treatment at a traditional dental clinic or through the dental app, there is no difference in treatment quality. That’s why the dental app is a better, easier way of getting dental treatment. People are excited to use the dental app and it is expected that the app will continue to gain more momentum and more people will continue to sign up with Dentulu and use its teledentistry services.