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Managing a Dental Emergency

Managing a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can occur due to an accidental injury, a fall, or an acute illness. Moreover, a dental emergency can pose an immediate risk to the person’s life. In these cases, patients need immediate attention from a dentist. Timely intervention is vital to manage a dental emergency. Otherwise, in serious or complicated cases, there could be severe repercussions for the patient’s health. To manage dental emergencies, immediate assessment and subsequent treatment is extremely important.

Dentists in the Dentulu network provide emergency dental care. In regards to emergency cases, we give high priority to availability and accessibility. Availability indicates that our dentists are available to connect with patients 24/7. Accessibility means that emergency patients are able to quickly and conveniently get the oral care services of a dentist through teledentistry. For people in the community, the first point of contact in case of emergency care is through the Dentulu app. The app enables patients to easily meet a dentist through a virtual consultation. Our qualified dentists provide compassionate care, and if necessary, prescribe medications in order for patients to get immediate relief from the dental pain.

Dentists are able to conduct early diagnosis of patients after they analyze the images that the patients sent. Dealing with a dental emergency is a challenging task but we have been successfully managing this over the years. We also help patients in pre-hospital management by giving them the necessary treatment guidelines. Further, our dentists are competent in diagnostic procedures with respect to all kinds of dental emergency needs. Our dentists engage in discussions among their peers and specialists which further helps in sharpening their skills and knowledge. These are a few reasons why Dentulu is in a higher league when it comes to delivering emergency oral care services.  

Another aspect related to management of dental emergencies is communication skills. To extract relevant information from the patient is key. At times, patients might not be able to provide the exact information due to certain medical terms and terminologies involving oral diseases. This is where our dentists communicate with their patients and make an effort to collect accurate information. Other than this, getting medical records of the patients through the store-and-forward technique from a patient is an inherent skill of our dentists. Finally, Dentulu is known for prompt action when dealing with emergency patients. When family members of an emergency patient are worried about the treatment, our dentists provide them with reassurance to alleviate the fear due to emergency oral issues. Whatever may be the dental condition of the patient in an emergency situation, the dentists in the Dentulu network have the expertise to handle the situation.