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The Status of Oral Health in Los Angeles

The Status of Oral Health in Los Angeles

Oral health is generally an overlooked area when it comes to overall health. People are usually unaware of how negligence of oral health leads to other health implications. When treatment is deferred, it worsens the patient’s oral health and becomes an emergency. Thus, people spend a lot on emergency dental care services. However, they have the opportunity to prevent normal oral diseases from becoming an emergency. They can simply go for a regular checkup and have any issues diagnosed. People can meet these needs without stepping outside their homes by registering with the Dentulu dental app and using tele-dentistry to get in touch with a dentist.

Imagine that a person loses a tooth due to trauma or infection. If the person happens to be elderly, they will have to deal with poor nutrition because chewing is now an issue. Therefore, it is important to not overlook oral health. If you want more information regarding oral care, you can browse the Dentulu website. By subscribing to the dental app, you can view a lot of dental information that is available on the app. The app also provides updates on the latest oral care information.

When it comes to tooth loss or denture loss, the patient can communicate with a dentist through tele-dentistry. Though remote care won’t assist in repairing the denture, the dentist will be able to provide a vital reference. The patient can then make an in-person visit to a dentist or specialist to get the care they need. Thus, the dental app can be the first tool in getting oral care services.

Tobacco abuse is one of the menaces that affects the population of Los Angeles. There have been alarming cases of oral cancer. Moreover, there are high prevalence rates of cavities, misaligned teeth, and periodontal diseases. These problems reflect that there are glaring issues in oral health care.

The most vulnerable group in regards to oral health care are children, the elderly, and pregnant women. It is understandable that they have issues getting oral care services due to their health conditions. However, they can overcome their challenging medical or physical issues and still get dental care from the comfort of their homes. Simply by using a smartphone, they can download the dental app for free and create an account. This dental app paves the way for getting a suitable oral care solution. Whatever may be the status of one’s oral health, one can decrease the burden of oral health issues by utilizing the dental app to their advantage.