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Dentulu: Providing Oral Care Services for All

Dentulu: Providing Oral Care Services for All

Rural oral care services in Los Angeles are not very encouraging. There is a clear divide between the rural and urban population regarding access to dental care. This reflects that most people are unable to properly maintain their oral health due to lack of access. Because of this issue, Dentulu aims to provide holistic services in terms of:

The objective is to provide oral health care services to people who are mostly deprived of them. Therefore, to meet this objective, Dentulu developed a dental app. This app allows all patients, health practitioners, clinicians, and dentists to form a network and communicate within the app. The communication tool is recognized as tele-dentistry and it has manifold benefits. By using this technology, people can communicate and book the services of:

Dentulu has undertaken the responsibility of providing comprehensive oral care to the people in Los Angeles. Its management stressed the importance of creating an adequate infrastructure for primary oral care services—in other words, technological infrastructure in the form of tele-dentistry. Another infrastructure that is worth mentioning is mobile dentistry. It is a service that overcomes all obstacles and reaches patients to meet their oral care needs.

We are committed to overcoming the determinants of oral health care services. We want oral health care services to become mainstream in people’s lives. That’s why we are reaching out to people who lack access to proper dental care. Mobile dentistry and house call dentistry are able to provide treatment like a brick and mortar clinic would. Otherwise, both parties can interact with each other from different locations through tele-dentistry. 

Dentulu has a vision of universal oral health coverage that allows everyone to get access to dental care services. Our aim is to promote oral care education. Our dental app has a list of qualified dentists and other healthcare practitioners. They have been offering their services across all locations as per the demand and booking. They are known for their efficient and prompt delivery of oral care services. Here is what Dentulu is capable of:

  • Enhancing the capacity of oral health care services
  • Promoting access to dental care services
  • Dental care plan for those who use our dental app
  • Better deployment of dentists
  • Increasing the standard of dental care
  • Bringing improvement in curative oral care
  • Providing technical support to all stakeholders of dental care services
  • Working in coordination with hospitals
  • Providing services to businesses
  • Rendering oral care services to schools and senior living centers
  • Ensuring accessible and affordable oral care for all

As noted above, Dentulu has made considerable achievements in oral care services. There are a lot of milestones we want to achieve in the near future by expanding our network and making our services more accessible than ever.