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Advantages of Teledentistry

teledentistry advantages and benefits

Teledentistry is a discipline that combines telecommunication and dentistry. Tele-dentistry is used for dental consultations, in which clinical information is shared by the patient to the dentist and vice versa. The major advantage of teledentistry is that it allows a patient to access dental care from a remote location. Thus, it minimizes the disparity among people in urban versus rural areas in regards to accessibility to dental care treatment. People in urban areas usually have easy access to a nearby dentist, while people in remote areas tend to have less access to dental clinics and care. However they can now get access to a dentist whenever they need it, thanks to the Dentulu dental app.

Patients from any part of the United States can gain access to a dentist when they register with the Dentulu dental app. Patients can have a live consultation with a dentist via video conference. It is a cost-effective option for patients to get in touch with dentists. Otherwise, patients have to incur transport expenses in addition to consultation costs. Patients can also communicate with a dentist via text chat and send information that is then stored and forwarded in the HIPAA compliant Dentulu cloud. Dentists can send videos, diagrams, photos, X-rays, and other information via Dentulu. Dentists can even monitor patients remotely, whether they are in a clinic or at home.

Teledentistry provides many advantages in the realm of oral healthcare:

  • Service cost is minimized
  • Oral care is enhanced
  • Patients get educated
  • Increased support from specialists
  • Dentists can seek a second opinion
  • Developing treatment plans without physically seeing patients
  • Improvement in Diagnostic services
  • Very helpful in emergency cases
  • Broader range of access to online dentists

Dentulu ensures that patients’ information is not shared with anybody, so patients’ privacy is highly secure. This is why teledentistry has become an integral part of oral health care for many. People, especially those who are living in remote places, use this digital-based treatment system widely.

Teledentistry can also be used to educate others about dental care. School staff, staff at senior living centers, and hotel workers can educate themselves on the subject of maintaining oral healthcare. The result of this is that knowledgeable staff can take care of the oral health needs of other staff. They also have the option of calling dentists to their preferred choice of location by using Dentulu’s mobile dentistry services.

Mobile dentistry provides many benefits, as a portable dental clinic on wheels can provide more accessibility that a physical dental clinic cannot. This mobility enables dental care to reach the patients, instead of patients having to travel to a brick and mortar dental clinic. Patients can meet dentists inside of the mobile clinic and get treatment like they would at a normal dental clinic. Our dental app ensures that patients and dentists can meet face-to-face through the means of mobile dentistry. Teledentistry will remain the driving force for oral health care in the future. Therefore, it gives an opportunity for dental clinics, dental practitioners, and specialists to gain an advantage by using the dental app. By doing so, they can reach out to more patients and can gain more revenue by having more practice.