Dentulu: Providing Mobile Dentistry Services for Seniors Your SEO optimized title

Dentulu: Providing Mobile Dentistry Services for Seniors

Dentulu: Providing Mobile Dentistry Services for Seniors

In the United States, many senior citizens shift to living in nursing homes as they require more care due to their age. However, they are often unable to get affordable and quality medical care at the nursing home, even though there are provisions of health care facilities. Taking this into consideration, Dentulu has been serving senior patients through its ambitious mobile dentistry program. This program ensures that senior patients are able to get sustainable oral care solutions. When a senior patient books an appointment for our mobile dentistry services, the mobile dentists reach the patient’s desired location on a mobile clinic. Each mobile clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. Our mobile dentists and paramedical staff inside the mobile clinic are responsible for delivering optimal oral care to seniors.

Our mobile dentistry makes visits to urban areas as well as rural and remote locations. The delivery of dental care services to senior patients’ doorsteps has helped them in many fronts. The first benefit is that it prevents seniors from standing or waiting in line at a healthcare facility. Senior citizens may have complicated health problems due to their age. That’s why senior patients prefer to be treated inside our mobile clinic. We also keep a record of the dental services that are delivered to patients. As a result, when the need arises to consult with a dentist, they can directly communicate with our mobile dentists through teledentistry.

In addition to the above, we carry out specialized mobile camps for oral health care checkups. By doing so, we create awareness among the people in the community about the importance of oral health. We educate the elderly about possible diseases that could emerge if they fail to take care of their oral health. Dentulu has more than a decade of existence in the market of delivering oral care services. It has advocated for patient-friendly policies and implements these in a holistic manner.  

Dentulu aims to provide timely oral care services to the people so that they can maintain proper oral health. Dentulu has coordinated with numerous nursing homes in and around Los Angeles. Seniors are encouraged to communicate with our dentists through the network of virtual dentistry. We also provide teleconsultation services to seniors to meet their basic preventive oral health care needs. Consultations and mobile dentistry services hinge on a platform of communication that is rooted in the Dentulu dental app. This app enables secure communication with dentists. People registered with our dental app can gain many oral health care advantages. We also respond to patients seeking emergency dental care through our teledentistry platform. If you have any sort of questions regarding our mobile dentistry services, you can ask our registered dentists on the Dentulu app. If you have not registered with the Dentulu app, then you are missing a great deal of getting oral health care opportunities. Download the Dentulu app today to gain oral health care benefits!